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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Writers: Stefan Ruzowitzky, Hermann Hesse (novel) | 1 more credit» Benedict Neuenfels in Narziss und Goldmund () Add Image · See all 1 photo». Goldmund, a novice, enters the monastery. Like Narcissus, Goldmund is very beautiful. Goldmund’s horse stays in the monastery. His only.

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I have never exclusively followed an author except Hesse. She does not want that I visualize her secret. Some flee, others have orgies in these last days of their lives.

Narcissus reflects on himself and his friend: One night, Goldmund joins his fellow pupil Adolf to the village, where he has a first taste of love with girls in a farmhouse. Preview — Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse.

Middle Way Society

In my view, you are not enough yourself. Knjiga mjeseca- Narcis i zlatousti. Any flaws that appear in the narrative therefore I find to be irrelevant.

One lives in the world of abstract ideas and the other in the world of sensuality and the senses. The writer managed to goldmumd a wonderful character to contrast our protagonist. I decided to leaf through the book pages.

These “feminine” and “masculine” qualities are drawn from the Jungian archetypal structure, and is reminiscent of some of his earlier works, especially Demian. At the same time, Herman Hesse is more accurate and, in my opinion, does a better job in picturing Narcissus, who at least behaves as a man in his adulthood rather than a whimsical, naive boy as Goldmund stays for the whole book without having a real evolution despite all the life and sexual experiences he had. The priest turns out to be Narcissus, who ransomed Goldmund.


Quotes from Narcissus and Gol After managing to win over the first “philosophical” part of the novel, that I found a bit too slow, Goldmuund discovered a surprisingly libertine book.

Narcissus and Goldmund | novel by Hesse |

I especially enjoyed the part where Narcissus talks about when someone who is meant to be an artist tries to live the life of a thinker evil ensues. Master Niklaus is nothing more than a moderate, orderly and decent citizen. Apr 03, Zeek rated it really liked hsse Shelves: Lists with This Book.

One always had to pay for the one with the loss of the other, and one thing was always just as important and desirable as the other.

Goldmund is a man nud love, Narcissus is a man of the mind. Put the dicktalk aside which is no small task here and you still have an enormous vine from which to swing back and forth from pole to pole. Published inthis is Herman Hesse’s brilliant story of two friends in medieval Germany.

He feels remorse, but wants more, as his virgin heart aches to pursue this love affair. Narciso e Boccadoro sono due facce della stessa medaglia: I suppose all we can ask of our mind is for a few moments of enlightenment at a time. It is true emotional, pure and beautiful.


Neither is held in higher regard over the other. Goldmund became an artist, which pleases Narcissus: One day, he is transfixed by a statue of the Virgin Mary, and then seeks out the carver of that statue, Master Nicholas, in order to beg training or apprenticeship from him. Want to Read saving….

Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse

He dedicatedly works at it and feels: We’re so used to thinking in a certain way, most of us anyway, that we fail to understand that there is always something more, something behind our words that we cannot explain. Naeziss, like Nazriss, could do no wrong in the eyes of his admirers. Of course I wasn’t so nerd at that time and together with reading there could be no tv, no bmx rides with friends, no late night awake and all sorts of “normal” don’ts.