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There was antioxidant activity reported from Heracleum persicum (Golpar). Key Words: Heracleum persicum extracts, Sperm, Mice, Chromatin, DNA integrity. Heracleum persicum, a herbaceous perennial invasive plant native to Iran, was introduced to Europe via England (Rijal, Alm, et al., ). Effects of golpar (Heracleum persicum Desf.) and probiotics in drinking water on performance, carcass characteristics, organ weights, blood.

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Journal of Vegetation Science23— Historical pesricum indicate that seeds were planted in northern Norway as early as by English horticulturalists Nielsen et al. Journal of Applied Ecology35— Exotic plant invasions and the enemy release hypothesis. We resampled genetic diversity and invasibility 10, times for each location in a group of five samples with replacement.

Our sampling strategy was not designed to disentangle whether the presence of A. Ecology Letters1116— A unified approach for quantifying invasibility and degree of invasion.

A voucher specimen No. Molecular Ecology19— Internationally the species is known widely as Tromso Palm, since in the town of Tromso it can nowadays be found in almost every garden.

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Table II shows the sperm chromatin condensation analysis results and DNA integrity status using different assays. Composition and biological activities of essential oils from four Heracleum species.


Sampling locations of Heracleum persicum in northern Norway. The extensive growth of H. Summary of Invasiveness Top of page Heracluem persicum is a perennial herb, commonly known as Persian hogweed or golpar, with an anise-like smell.

Biological Ehracleum121— Alm and Jensen, ; Nielsen et al. Even in moderate level of contact, blisters may appear in the skin and scars remains for years. Deliberately introduced as garden plant but not really as a commercial horticultural plant.

Nitrogen Average nitrogen estimated from Ellenberg’s indicator values. Seed reproduction also varies in H. Leaves and seeds of H. Oikos8715— Seed production depends on the size of the inflorescence. The lowest invasibility was estimated for Sandtorg followed by Andenes.

Heracleum persicum – Wikipedia

Also, it has harmful effects on sperm chromatin condensation and DNA integrity in mice. J Med Plants Res. Although we were unable to estimate the duration and intensity of disturbance in different sites, the occurrence of most sampled sites, either close to the coast or roadside, indicated some sort of disturbance.

The noninvaded plots were established as close as possible to the invaded plots to minimize variation in site conditions and to insure that the noninvaded plots represented vegetation before the invasion of H. We used nonparametric analyses when data did not meet the assumptions of parametric tests. Russian Journal of Nematology, 14 2: We found lower relative exotic richness than relative exotic abundance, especially of H.


Title Umbel at anthesis Caption Heracleum persicum Persian hogweed ; a single umbel at anthesis. Genetic composition of resident populations influences establishment success of herackeum species. Pistil of 2 fused carpels, styles 2. We also emphasize that the selection of sample size depends on the objectives of a study.

Persian Hogweed, Heracleum persicum – Flowers – NatureGate

Oecologia, — Despite lower exotic richness both in the invaded and the noninvaded plots, there is a high relative cover of exotic species in the invaded plots particularly due to the high abundance of Heracleum persicum. Heracleum mantegazzianum, Heracleum sosnowskyi and Heracleum persicum. Only nitrogen remained significant after the modified randomization test and was retained for further analyses.

Cover difference between Heracleum persicum and ten dominant species. Ecology Letters9— Results Table I shows the sperm parameters in 3 groups.

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Total height variance Variance in the total height from the mean height of all species. Are invasive species a major cause of extinctions? Thus, inflorescence or plant cutting would not be completely effective.