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tions générales / condizioni generali di contratto) and the house rules ( Hausordnung / Règlement d’immeuble / regolamento della casa). These conditions are. If the contract refers to the house rules [Hausordnung] then these rules . zum Mietvertrag fUr Wohnraume”, Ausgabe (HEV, SVIT, VZI). Hauseigentümerverband Hev Heizgradtage Hev Heizölpreise Hev Hausordnung Hev Hypothekenzins Hev Heizöl Hev Hev Formulare Hev.

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Make sure to have written details confirming the willingness of your chosen nachmieter to move in etc.

Landlord has deterred Nachmieter – English Forum Switzerland

Entire Swiss ski hdv up for grabs in one-off competition. Related articles Expat influx continues to push up rents: Just to add to the above, there is nothing written in the contract about pets at all, let alone this rule about cats remaining housebound.

Bone of contention But perhaps the main reason is that the other residents in the house or block object to house pets.

Looking for nachmeiter follow on tenant. A couple of days later they [the agency] came back and said that while the number is OK, they then insist that the cats be kept inside or in the enclosed garden only. Landlord has deterred Nachmieter Just to add to the above, there is nothing written in the contract about pets at all, let alone this rule about cats remaining housebound.

Popular articles Morocco arrests Swiss man over links to hiker murder haisordnung Ten truly excellent reasons to visit Switzerland in hwv Adhering to the thicket of tenant rules governing everything from running baths to pet hausordning can be even tougher, although misconceptions linger over when toilets can be flushed. They applied three weeks ago and passed the relevant checks as regards finances etc.


There is a bit of room for interpretation surrounding whether your chosen Nachmieter is zumutbar suitable or not. From our sponsors Why is a great year to live abroad Around 50 million people live outside their native countries, enticed by the many benefits of expatriation.

If nothing like that is there, then I don’t think they have a right hajsordnung reject without having to bear the consequences.

Jobs in Europe CH. It’s not looking good by the sounds of it. Here’s what annoys people about their neighbours in Switzerland. Taking baths at odd hours is another hausrdnung.

Other than feral felines, the agency doesn’t obviously stand to gain anything by being a pain in your backside. Jede Anderung oder Erganzung derselben bedarf zu ihrer Giiltigkeit der Schriftform. I agree this is the case, but are they allowed to impose a new condition uausordnung that which is not imposed on others? Die zustandigen Amter werden durch diesen Mietvertrag ausdrucklich zur Auskunft ermachtigt.

Customer Support Advisor – German Speaking. I’ve just been through the contract again and do not see any reference to Hausordnung but I do see the following, can anyone help me with this section: Finding a place to rent in Switzerland is hard enough.

Keeping a dog or cat, for instance, will make you ineligible for many rented apartments. Terms of use Privacy policy Manage consent. Have you spoken to the agency and tried to find out informally if there was a problem?

As the owner of an apartment in Bern, which she rents out, Zbinden sees both sides. Dieser Vertrag ist zweifach ausgefertigt und enthalt aile getroffenen Abmachungen.

Swiss ban on toilet flushing ‘an urban myth’

Get notified about breaking hausordnyng on The Local. Today only Forum Legend. Around 50 million people live outside their native countries, enticed by the many benefits of expatriation. According to the lawyer, consideration for others is the watchword and limits need to be set.


Inbound sales representative, German speaking. Perhaps the nachmieter just got cold feet?

Landlord has deterred Nachmieter I guess also it depends a little on the size of the apartment, 2 dogs and 3 cats is a lot in an apartment, especially if the cats are indoor cats We are looking for an Economics Teacher. However, some argue that consideration for the rights of others goes too far and infringes personal freedoms, such as the right to keep an animal. Luxury apartments go unsold in Zurich West. Anyone flouting the rule risks eviction.

Official recognition for Jura-based French dialect. Der Vertrag hat erst Gultigkeit, wenn beide Vertragspartner unterzeichnet haben. Spanish speaking Enterprise Support Advisor.

Swiss ban on toilet flushing ‘an urban myth’ – The Local

Landlord has deterred Nachmieter If the condition is in Hausordnung, it may still be a binding portion of your contract, as aSwissInTheUS says, so check what it says about pets. Zurich apartment owner demands 27,franc deposit. Take over my rent Nachmeiter 4. Rising rents in Zurich drive up national average. This provision is frequently included in the house rules fixed by the landlord, the association says.

Parcel Trouble Swiss Post. Last edited by Samweiser; If the rules say the same as the administration then you are not off the hook and still fully liable according your contract. It may not be quite as simple as ivank makes out unfortunately. Other pages Property market Noticeboard Discussion forum. Sign up for our free This week in Switzerland newsletter.

Lucerne – Checking my budget.