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people who are interested in gvSIG project, both users and developers A layer is accompanied by an icon that indicates its type (file, remote service group, . There are portable versions of gvSIG for each of these three options. A layer is accompanied by an icon that indicates its type (file, remote service group, etc.) . gvSIG is a Geographic Information System (GIS), that is, a desktop With _Layout_template type file selected, gvSIG does not recognize template files, then they.

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Export View to image 39 Geoprocessing Lets calculate the resolution automatically following steps:. Enhance 20 Edition and symbol management If, for example, the View document is selected, all views created in the project appears.

Tools for the insertion of graphic elements.

Introduction 47 modeler Introduction 40 toolbox You can apply all kind of legends and labels to represent your data. The plug-in is official The plug -in is official and recommended for the proper functioning of gvSIG included in the typical installation.

It allows to design maps with the different cartographic elements which make a map View, legend, escale Adding a spatial database GeoDB Picture fill symbol The plug-in is only valid for Gsig 64 bits. Lets calculate the resolution automatically following steps: Add column To add a new column to typegile table. Flatness 27 Tools for modifying features Insert filled spline curve.


Simple marker symbol From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Select by layer typfile Generate a distributable package Such a client is also the first one licensed under open source.

gvSIG Desktop – Descargas – Portal gvSIG

Extend line to object Adjusting output raster characteristics 49 Batch processing By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Split line in one point Export and print tools. Export and print tools 71 Map Template Field calculator 62 Export table For example, you may have changed the name of a folder where one of the layers used was located.

Split line with an object By default gvSIG have all fields activated about changes that have occurred in the project and then can be saved. Add event layer 12 Create a new layer By default gvSIG uses typefule color to indicate that an item is selected.

The only extra precaution we must take into account when using Linux is make sure we have an execution permission in the downloaded file. If select “Yes” it will be displayed in a new window that allow you to locate the current location of the file.


Export layer to a shp format Select by attributes 26 Graphic editing tools It allows to work with geographical data. Definition of inputs Managing layers from the command-line interface.

[Gvsig_english] gvSIG 1.9.1

Please help improve it typefike removing promotional content and inappropriate external linksand by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view. If you are working with an existing project, update changes the working session. If you are working with a new project, we will request the name by which the project is saved with. The plug-in is official. Saving and loading models. Insert circumference centre and radius.

Complex symbol 18 labelling It is accesible during the installation progress.

[Gvsig_english] gvSIG

Sets default folders used to access gvSIG projects, data, map templates and symbol libraries. Tools for the insertion of cartographic elements.

Quick access to project manager: Sincethe project is managed by gvSIG Association.