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Burma Chronicles is the most enlightening and insightful book about life under the country’s brutal dictatorship in years, says Rory MacLean. Guy Delisle’s newest travelogue revolves around a year spent in Burma (also known as Myanmar) with his wife and son. Burma is notorious for. DeLisle’s (Pyongyang) latest exploration of Asian life is probably the best possible argument against the ruling junta in the embattled (and now.

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Oct 03, Veeral rated it really liked it Shelves: But while he is in Burma he connects with other foreign people working for multinationals who live like kings. I’d always wondered about it. Some are better than others. I would definitely be re-reading this as I am sure byrma gems got missed on the first read.

Burma Chronicles : Guy Delisle :

Whereas in Burma Chronicleshe stayed for a year with his wife and kid and really made some good local friends. Dec 11, Archit Ojha rated it liked it Shelves: Lists with This Book. I found it revealing when he said that before leaving, he knew clearly that the corporations like Total were the BAD guys, and the ONG workers the good guys. His bestselling and acclaimed travelogues Pyongyang, Jerusalem: Dec 21, Kaung Myat Han rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 12, Jayaprakash Satyamurthy rated it it was ok Shelves: But for me author tends to be little bit xenophobic when it comes to people who live in Burma.

This is a very charming book, where Delisle manages to both lovingly describe a society that is alien to him often making himself the butt of the jokeswhile also showing several of th Delisle presents himself as bufma tag-along, as his wife is doing work in Myanmar with MSF.

Mar 29, Arvind rated it nurma was ok Shelves: Mar 06, Tyska rated it liked it Shelves: Pick it up and go visit a new country sometime! It seems I haven’t seen or realised it while reading his novel “Pyongyang”. They just call her “The Lady. Because the government won’t allow them access to the remote Burmese citizens who need the most medical attention, and if they only operate in the capital city, then they’re essentially propping up the regime. Refresh and try again.


It feels like he’s constantly comparing things to life in Europe. Recommended to graphic novel readers. In nearby Hpakant — where MSF physicians are forbidden to travel – labourers working in the Chinese-owned jade mines are paid allegedly with shots of heroin. His wife has been sent there by Doctors Without Borders burms France.

All of Delisle’s graphic memoirs are interesting.

Reading: Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle

These people live in mini-estates with guards, and have their own clubs and compounds which are beautifully maintained. This little French graphic chronilces reads Being a Burmese myself, I am always more than willing to lend my pair of ears to what the expatriates have to say about my country, Burma.

Archived from the original on The short “chapters” every few pages are confusing at times, though. Cosa manca, chronifles per me, rispetto alle Cronache da Gerusalemme?

Also, there is great informative value in seeing the Myanmar reality through the eyes of a westerner, with a focus on the visual aspects. At the beginning of the trip, the family must stay in an MSF guest house while they search for more permanent housing.

Aid workers, represented in by pictures chroniccles acronyms, wait and wait for travel passes to the destinations where the need is greatest. What I really enjoyed birma this book is the Normally I don’t like to read about different countries, cultures and people through the eyes of a Western author, and this book confirms my rule.

He points out how people carry their umbrellas stuffed into the back of their longyis or lungis as we call them in India and also sometimes hanging from the backs of their shirt collars – which he calls ‘weird’. There is a sad scene of meeting an elderly woman who, because she remembers a better country, apologizes for the state things are in.


The “newspaper funnies”-style both visually and structurally at times feels at odds with the matter at hand, but it does end up working really well. I am already a major fan of his drawing abilities. Just like in Pyongyang, I really appreciate the detail in his illustrations.

Burma Chronicles

Feels like firsthand experience of an adventurous stay chroincles Burma!! Feb 15, Marc Weidenbaum added it Shelves: Apparently he and his wife spent time in North Korea. But it’s good that some of them are available O: Guys situation and other non-profit organisations deal with a lot of red-tape and they are generally not that well off. Delisle accompanied his wife, who is an MSF managing doctor aka Doctors Delis,e Borders and their two year-old son, Louis With a lot chrnicles information and visuals to absorb, it took me three weeks to actually get this book read thoroughly and I’m happy picking it up at least.

Lots of insight on Burma culture and many cultural shocks from an obliterated country! Delisle presents himself as a tag-along, as his wife is doing work in Myanmar with MSF.

Qualities – well, first of all, I love the comic format as a medium.

Burma, also known as Myanmar, has been under military control since a coup inand it has a reputation of being one of the worst dictatorships on the planet.