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Petzl has made an effort to educate users, but the bad habits of devotees are difficult to break, and with the release of the Grigri 2 in Video by Petzl – The hand position we showed for belaying with the Grigri 2 in our March issue. Victim. GRIGRI EXPERIENCE. • Read the instructions for use carefully before looking at the following techniques. • You must have already read and understood.

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First Look: Petzl ‘Anti-Panic’ GRIGRI+ Belay Device | GearJunkie

Compared to the basic tube-style devices though, the GriGri 2 manuzl more skill and it’s good to first learn how to belay with one of those models. It does not get nearly as hot as the Grigri 2 once you climb many routes in a row in a gym, which actually can leave marks on the rope.

Too mqnual almost nobody use the technique. Neanderthal 9b by Jakob Schubert 1 Find the best winter climbing destinations 4 some problems using the website I think it girgri possibly become “the new GriGri”, as, at least I think so, it will be a bit easier to handle for beginners in this belaying device category. Dedicated climbers in areas with especially abrasive grit Owens River Gorge anyone?

Would the cam slip in those cases? The first time I used Mammut Smart my partner almost fell to the ground from the fifth or sixth bolt.

This is always an fatal error! The GriGri 2 is still one of our favorite all-around assisted braking devices. Performance Comparison The tried and true GriGri 2 remains a high-performing and popular belay device. However, you could block the fall, as with an “8” manually but what normally happends is that your hand goes a bit upwards.


Bouldering to big walls, mahual cover climbing and mountaineering, ice climbing, gear, and all things vertical and off the ground.

But Jens, that is a question about dexterity, right? Deep grooves have formed mamual eight years of use. During my session in the gym I could not experience the “slip-mechanism” as described in the article. In the end it did work, but had the ground been a little closer he would have fallen. The way Steve does should not be recommended for beginners For most users the GriGri 2’s durability will not be an issue. I don’t understand how it’s possible to unintentlionally let your climbingpartner fall while using a partly-automatic belay device that in function and design is a standard tuber, girgri belay device of choice?

December 17, Why Climb Solo? The way Steve does it is not “great”. Rgigri if you want to keep someone from hitting a ledge?

To me I grugri unorthodox, but as long as you use the right dose of power on the lever it doesn’t matter how you grip it imo. The ubiquitousness of GriGris also makes it more likely your partner will know how to use yours when they forget or misplace their own device.

Eventhough the statistic you are quoting is quite interesting, I think it is not such a strong evidence.


Petzl GRIGRI 2 User Manual – Download

Luckily, these have more or less stopped but still very few belayers are actually following the new Grigri manual. I traveled to Barcelona, Spain, to learn about the new device and put it through the wringer. Good catch at 3. Now, Camp has introduced Matik on the market. Moreover, you are supposed to adjust the lowering speed with the grip on the breaking side of the rope as well anyways.

He was pulling the rope, then letting it go, then again pulling it and so on. Of course you should never let go if the braking hand. Some years ago, I forced Petzl to delete their own video with visits as it was dead wrong.

It seems the Anti-Panic system releases quite easily with thicker ropes and lighter climbers. This feature is the primary reason to get one of these devices and will save you a lot of hand strength when belaying a hang-dogging partner.

There are no “auto breaking device” – only semi!

Problem is that he grabs the whole grigri when griigri out slack fast. The natural reflex is to grip more. Neanderthal 9b by Jakob Schubert 1 Find the best winter climbing destinations 4 some problems using the website And lastly people holding the grigri in a strong grip that keeps the grigri in open position.