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My favourite exposure meter. I have some analog meters too, but I prefer this one. Not because it is supposed to be more precisely, but it has a. flash and continuous light metering walimex pro Exposure Meter from Gossen incident/reflected light metering super-thin and lightweight simple oper. Shop Gossen Sixtomat Flash (Ambient/Flash) Light Meter at KEH Camera, your source for buying and selling used cameras.

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All this and a great price.

Gossen Sixtomat flash User Manual | 20 pages

More refinements More refinements The COR value is now automatically considered in all subsequent measuring functions. Make a note of the shooting conditions.

Take the readings of a few normal subjects with the utmost care by the reflected and incident light measuring methods, and take five shots of each subject on colour reversal film. Due to skxtomat adjustable diffuser dome, the meter is easily adapted for the dedicated amateur and the professional photographer.

Skip to main content. Rated 5 out of 5 by Terry from small, light, powerful, and totally effective.

Sixtomat F2 represents a good value for money. It measures continuous light and gosseh, and it covers a wide measuring range with great accuracy. When measuring the EV, should I put the diffuser on? Taking the chance, may I wish you all here have a Merry Christmas and prosperous year and beyond. Incident, Reflected, Flash Readings.

Got one to sell? This does not mean that pointing the incident dome at the light source is wrong or underexposes the scene — it simply means that you have to take a shadow reading as well and choose an exposure that falls in the film’s latitude, sacrifice either highlight or shadow detail, or modify development to account for intentional overexposure.


The first measured f-stop is displayed on the left-hand side of the display it remains displayed as a reference value e. Consequently, the reading always depends upon the inherent brightness of the subject!! It includes a case, neck strap, and falsh.

The measurement is performed with a complete? Show only see all. Gossen Sixtomat F2 overview. For the price its really the only option out there that has all the features it has. This very convenient method of light metering at a point with the same lighting level is highly recommended for outdoor shots. Share This Page Tweet.

Gossen Sixtomat “flash” gekocht op MP, prima lichtmeter!

Depression of the measuring button initiates a reference measurement that is identified on the digital display by rF The digital shutter speed display disappears, to be replaced by information on the number of flashes that have to be fired for the desired f-stop e. This guarantees a precise exposure in conformity with the correct tonal values of the subject.

To Fit see all. Tom, I was answered a similar question today so you might also be interested in this thread on incident metering technique: As I said, hold the meter vertically then tilt it down then up and tell me the reading doesn’t change!

Many thanks for your help. Order in the next 0: If anyone doubts this take a slide film, take a whole range of varied light shots from indoor to backlit to sunset to midday to fill flash etc using straight incident metering and many will be un-satisfactory. To keep it simple, meter from the subject with the dome pointed toward the camera.

I have not had it long enough to comment on the battery life but it takes 1 AA battery and you can get those anywhere so Im not really worried about that.

One of my favorite functions of the old F and this flahs F2 meter is the exposure correction factors. Rated 5 out of 5 by Jarrell from Good value I use this exposure meter in the studio – it is one of the cheaper models but I do not need a rolls royce around the studio, it is easy to use, has good functionality and I have found it to be accurate which is all I that I need.


Alaska and Hawaii may be more and costs may vary to other places. Gossen Sixtomat F2 reviews. Without this great accuracy and speed I would not be able sixtommat enjoy the hand crafted elegance of classical manual photography.

In this mode the diffuser dome is pushed aside to the left or right, and the meter is pointed from the camera towards the subject. It comes with a nice little case and strap, you cant go wrong! These must not change while the five shots are being taken. Generally the meter is held with the dome in front of the important area of the subject and pointing back to the camera.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. It works but rlash a technique that each one has to work out by him or herself. In both cases it performs flawlessly sixtomay repeatably.

Gossen Sixtomat Flash Light Meter | eBay

And then a meter reading is taken that lies parallel with the projected connecting line between the actual subject and the camera.

The selected film speed is retained in the memory until it is changed in the described manner. Incident light measurement, i.