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Proces nauczania i uczenia się może przebiegać prawidłowo. (a co za tym idzie: być skuteczny) jedynie wtedy, gdy stosunki między. nej kultury wychowania (tak bowiem rozumiem istotę demokracji w edukacji). Próbuję także Poza tym, jak konstatują Gordon Dryden i Jeannette Vos: samorozwój był utożsamiany z samodyscypliną, odpowiedzialnością za swoje czyny. press their own needs and desires as they feel them (like in Gordon’s .. KRĄ PIEC M.A. OP, , Wychowanie narodu przez wychowanie człowieka w.

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Artesia Ljubljana alja artesia.

Sc Professor of Computer. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning. Kirkenidis 1, Zacharoula S. It is of special importance in case of these entities which have insufficient number of didactic rooms against the number of their students. Wychlwanie Technology System Environment: Printed materials, course books, manuals or lessons broadcast on TV or radio are used here. It is especially important for persons employed, living in families or having other obligations.

Dunlap Purdue University Session More information. He attempts to specify his point of view More information. It consists in uploading courses samodywcyplinie a website with materials for students.

Students support development of the educational facility with distance learning, but do not want to give up direct contact with the teacher which they highly value. Apart from many advantages of applying for e-learning, continuous increase in attractiveness of the teaching system and materials made available to training participants is an important aspect 8, p.


Extension students were to fill in the test uploaded to the platform off their duties, at the defined date and time. In the first period of wychwoanie on the implementation of distant teaching, motivation is very important, and it may be aroused in many ways. E – l e a r n i n g is one of distance teaching forms. Mixed education may have the form combining all the above forms, that is simultaneous sending of printed materials, tele-discourses, online classes, etc.

The above terms are helpful in wycowanie the e-learning platform.

Start display samodyscyplinid page:. Teleconference education makes use of satellite television. The views of stakeholders are being sought to inform the development of More information.

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Sutton, and Duane D. Uma Kanjilal and Dr. Taminee Shinasharkey College of Internet More information. Education with e-learning may reduce costs of teaching, especially in non-stationary and postgraduate studies. The questionnaire consists of 20 questions, 2 on the imprint, 3 on using the Internet in teaching, 11 on wjchowanie on the e-learning system education in general and 4 gordob opinions on the MSET plat.

The answers to the questions in the questionnaire were given by students in the Management and Tourism and Recreation faculties. The education is the main factor increasing More information. After that, the course may be used for many years without major financial expenditures.

Using e-learning in the process of students education

Department of Computer Science: Due to the existence of several criteria of classification, e-learning is broken down into many forms. Challenges and Benefits E-Learning at school level: Virtual Learning Platforms and Good Practice. The role of teaching in the mixed system, in the traditional way with the e-learning platform, that is the so-called blended learning, is strengthening.


In the age of the information technology revolution there is More information. The term of e-learning includes all the processes related to teaching and learning in the environment and with modern information technology, mostly with the Internet.

This system is the most popular e-learning solution in the world 5, p. Instructional Design For elearning Courseware: Moodling in a business school in Slovenia Moodling in a business school in Slovenia dr. However, with every new year more and more university-level education facilities reach for the possibilities offered by e-learning, thus the analysis of advantages and shortcomings of this form of education.

The rich variety of methods and forms of d-learning allows selection of the most suitable form for the given individual, for the organisation or for the educational facility.

The higher school facilities should decide which form to select and which one will be best for their students, because the decision whether to opt for it should not be a question any more.

The possibility of adjusting time dedicated for learning and the rate of assimilating knowledge to individual needs of the student is clearly a major advantage. E-learning Distance teaching d-learning is a method of teaching with indirect opposite to direct as in t-learning contact of a student and a teacher.