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Check out Gopika Geetham by rajan & Sanskrit Scholars on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on Gopika Geetham. (The song of the Gopis). From. Bhagawatha Purana. Free translation,. By. ander. One of the most important approaches to attain. jayati tE’dhikaM janmanA vrajaH zrayata indirA zazvadatra hi| dayita dRzyatAM dikSu tAvakAstvayi dhRtAsavastvAM vicinvatE||1||.

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All along the Gopis were crying in longevity of their separation from their Lord and having seen they got up as if their life re-entered their bodies and vibrant with the presence of their beloved they started feeling of him and fell at his feet.

Everything was in order and the book, well packaged. Subscribe for Newsletters and Discounts. Rahasi samvidam sanskrt, Prahasi thananam sanskfit veekshanam, Bruha dura sreeyo, veekshya dhama they, Muhurathi spruha, muhyathey mana: Oh the bravest one please shower us the grant of the adharamrutham very soon and bless us.

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They were totally oblivious of everything else. Thank you so much. The Gopika-gitam or the Song of the Gopis, which forms the thirty-first chapter of the tenth book of Bhagavata, probably ranks among the best songs ever sung. I have never, ever, received such sannskrit and carefully fitam items from India in all my years of ordering.

You kindle love in our heart, O gallant Lord, again and again, even as You reveal Yourself before us at the close of the day, wearing a countenance overhung by dark curly locks and soiled with the dust raised by cows that constitute the wealth of the Gopasand thus resembling a lotus surrounded by black bees and covered with pollen.

This drushya adds fuel to fire and increases the pain of thy separation. We have been saved by You time and again, O jewel among men, from death through poisonous water, from the clutches of a demon disguised as a snake Aghasura by namefrom showers and storm as well as from strokes of lightning, from the demon that appeared in the form of a calf, as well as from Vyomasura the son of the demon Mayanay from every other peril.


॥ गोपीगीतम् ॥

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Running into nineteen verses, it contains sentiments that touch the heart of any devotee of Sri Krsna.

Set on our bosom your lotus feet, which dissipate the sins of all embodied beings that bow sajskrit to You, which follow out of affection even animal that live on grass, which are the abode of beauty and prosperity and which were dauntlessly placed on the hoods of a terrible snake Kaliyaand thereby soothe the pangs of love pent up fopika our heart.

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Gopika Gitam

It ggitam forgetfulness of everything, and the lover sees nothing in the world except that Krishna and Krishna alone, when the face of every being becomes a Krishna, when his own face looks like Krishna, when his own soul has become tinged with the Krishna colour.

If cows can get their purpose served by simply following your footsteps why not we thy servants get the chance to keep your feet on our chest and embrace them to give you some relief and also get some relief that our souls were longing for.

O Delighter of souls, pray set on our bosom, O Reliever of agony, Your most blissful lotus-like feet, which grant the desires of those that bow low to them, and are worshipped by Brahma the lotus-bornwhich are the ornament of the earth giatm are worth contemplating upon in times of adversity. Oh how I wished that other businesses in India would learn to do the same!

Gopika Gitam – StotraSamhita

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On many occasions you were kind enough to protect us from various evils and incidents — once from poisoned water of Kalinga Madu by removing Kalinga and family from there; on another occasions from the serpent who appeared with his mouth open — thinking that it was a cave entire Gopas and the herd went in and swooned and only by thy grace they got back to life; yet another occasion from the wrath of Indra who ordered for severe downpour — unprecedented and unknown to Vraja Bhoomi and you saved entire Gokulam by lifting Govardhan Giri itself for seven days with you little finger; again from forest fire on one occasion and on many occasions from the wrath of asuras who were constantly attacking you — Oh Bull King of this land how can we forget thee who was bent upon giving protection at all these hard times of ours.


All day through you were wandering here and there often on thorns and stones and thy delicate — mrudu pallava like feet — is put to untold hardship — the very thought of which puts us in pain.

Hemendra Nath Chakravorty Hardcover Edition: Verify the characters on the left From: Items Related to Gopika Gitam: And rest assured that I will soon order more books.


Now chiding him, now cooingnow weeping, now hoping they are so full of him and yet cannot dream of having had enough of him! The Five Love Songs of the Gopis.

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Cows which follow your footsteps to Vrinda Van for grazing often get the chance to lick lotus like feet of your and also get sparsha suka by dashing you often from the back and you also stand in such a way as if leaning on them removes their itches cows often get their itches removed by constantly snskrit their bodies on stones meant for this purpose chori kambam kept in villages and these cows were most blessed ones as they found YOU as their remover of their itches and YOU were also very happy to oblige hem.

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