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Param Poojya Golwalkar Guruji a true patriot (Rashtra Bhakt). Posts about Guruji Golwalkar written by arisebharat.

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Guruji Golwalkar | Arise Bharat

Guruj Project and Hindutva judgements are not literary works. He visited all the districts from Amritsar to Ambala. They were to stay steadfast and not to leave until the last Hindu was thus rescued. The introduction of the author to the book on Guruji is being rewritten and serialised by the author specially for Organiser. All the Swayamsevaks along with Shri Guruji were released.

Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar Marathi: The Muslim aggression was punctured. In this state of mind, he received a condolence message from the Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetha Paramacharya, which comforted him a lot. He ceaselessly toured different parts of the country year after year, met people, shared his thoughts with them and built arguably the strongest grass-root organisation in the world.

Prodigious Intellectual Talent Madhavrao was a sharp boy with prodigious memory. Right from his childhood, as a student he emitted sparks of patriotism. Shri Guruji very forcibly opined that the security of Bharat can be guaranteed only by erasing the very existence of Pakistan and not by the elimination of the materials for war.

Guruji who became the Sarsanghachalak of the RSS in the year passed away in the year It would be dangerous from the point of view of national security to be trapped in such a position, where you have two independent enemies on two sides. It was diagnosed to be cancerous. He used to say, H. Your foremost duty is to strike down evil and its supporters, whoever they may be, and establish the supremacy of the good and the just.

Post Partition, the most popular and powerful leadership of post Independent India, that had inherited the entire goodwill of the freedom movement, used that power and influence and banned the RSS on false and malicious charges that were later established to be fake and attempted to wipe it out. He would delve deep into other subjects also, so that he could help students in those subjects. The Swayamsevaks from various parts of the country and other eminent personalities from all walks of life kept pouring in to the Sangh Karyalaya to enquire about his health.

How, therefore, Guruji was a drishta, who saw and spoke ahead of his times and was validated by history after him.


During his four years of study of medicine, Doctorji very keenly studied the working style of gruji, their contributions to the freedom struggle and also actively engaged himself in such activities. Shri Guruji was present during the Abhyas Varg study camp of the prominent workers deployed in various activities aimed at narturing the true national golwaokar. Modern Bhagirath, Modern Ganga In Conclusion, as a harbinger of a new nationhood, Shri Guruji infused a unique intrinsic power into the national life through his unmatched personality and actions.

So arise and trumpet the victory call for the Motherland, from the bottom of your hearts to golsalkar frontiers of the skies and accomplish your task. Desai was then unacquainted with the activities of the Sangh. There was a lot of unrest and anger amongst the swayamsevaks and the masses with regard to those who agreed to the partition. Accordingly, in the Tatvajnana Vidyapeeth at Thane in Maharashtra, run by honorable now late Pandurang Shastri Athawale ghruji, the programme was organized.

Directly or indirectly, the Muslims had the backing of the British government. Pope John Paul II criss-crossed the world tirelessly, drew large crowds of young people everywhere, particularly Europe. This spiritual element in him seems to have enabled Guruji to defy and overcome the arresting and compelling influence of the contemporary times, vault over the current issues, look at the future transcending and overcoming the excruciating pain of ignoring, context from that gurjui point and appeal to the conscience of the people and the nation.

It was a tumultuous time, in there was an election held with the demand for Pakistan. His unfathomable love for his students drove him to help them at studies in every possible way; often he would purchase guuji necessary text-books for needy gufuji or financially assist them to pay their examination fees.

Whenever we think about his life, we are reminded of the ideal of internal and external life pattern inspired by his ideal of patriotism. He was drawn to every good quality and had a deep-felt urge to acquire it.

During this pilgrimage her back was scorched in an accident, but she bore the agony with golwalkag and kept on walking. According to Ramachandra GuhaGolwalkar wrote: Goyal, RSSpp.

In the class, Madhav used to read some golwallkar while the teacher was teaching another one, but he was at the same time mindful of what was being taught. Guurji the contrary, no movement initiated by the Congress had ever such a huge number of participants. His full name was Dr. The resulting book, We, or Our Nationhood Definedwas published in Golwalkar’s name and regarded as a systematic treatment of RSS ideology; [17] the fact that it was an abridged translation did not come to light until The leaders of our Independence war had recognized this fact and they had tried to remove this suicidal mentality by speaking emphatically about Swadeshi, Goraksha, Swabhasha, Hindi etc.


But even in this state of failing health, he spoke for 40 minutes. When Madhu was just two years old, Sadashivrao left his job in the Post and Telegraph department and became a teacher. And golwalksr examples and lessons of the victorious and the great will inspire us with the necessary will to win and awaken in us the right discrimination to oglwalkar ultimate victory in the path of dharmasthapana, i. But Madhavrao insisted and the Nizam could enter only after paying the entrance fee.

At the college, he was reportedly incensed at the “open advocacy” of Christianity and the disparagement of Hinduism ; much of his concern for the defence of Hinduism is traceable to this experience. Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya – an orator par excellence!

Shri Guruji

The people of Bharat were happy that the leaders of the Pakistan had divided Bharat and now, Bharat had paid back in the same coin by dismembering Pakistan and an ally of Bharat is now present there. Let us, decide to tread that path, concentrating our attention and strength on reaching the final goal of victory over all the forces of evil.

But the calmness, courage and cooperation with which he went gkruji the whole procedure, with the smile never leaving his face, it was amazing. My body felt thrilled all over and I am finding myself gutuji altogether changed person.

We are to test every act, apparently good or gurkji, on this touchstone of ultimate victory of the forces of glowalkar. But his early life-story makes it clear that all these qualities had originated and developed even during his student days.

As an adolescent, he developed a deep interest in religion and spiritual meditation. The misconception proved to be a breach in the dam of Hindu society, resulting in a one-sided exodus of the Hindus from Hinduism with no way to return.