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Pocket English Idioms [Adam Sullivan, Rita Tseng] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. : Pocket English Idioms: Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. 49 See Pocket english Idioms, ActionsSpeak (last accessed November 22, ): “’ Actions.

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After you learn some new idioms, write a short conversation betweeen two people. First, read about similies and take the short quiz. Next, look at the definition and example.

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Then try to use it in conversation whenever you have a chance. Use the search box or click on one of the keywords to find an idiom. Here’s a really excellent idioms dictionary. If you learn to use idioms, your English will be much more colorful and interesting.

engliwh Before you look at all the idioms on a page, try the quiz first. The meaning doesn’t really have anything to do with cake. At this site, you can learn lots of new idioms. Then, read and listen to some simile poems. Add any other cliches or mistakes that you find in your reading.


idioms / Slang

A cliche is an expression that is so popular that people use it a lot Finally, you’ll see 3 exercises that let you ivioms writing your own similes.

Idioms are special words or phrases that have their own meaning.

Then, try to guess what the meaning might be. It’s a great way to improve your English ability! See how many idioms you can use in the conversation. Make a list of them. At this site, you ;ocket learn about similes and practice writing your own!

Ask some native speakers to tell you 2 or 3 cliches that they use and the enlish. There is also an extensive list of over kid safe idioms, with suggestions for “kids” to add their drawings to this website.

For example, if I say “It’s a piece of cake,” I mean it’s very easy. The idioms are organized alphabetically or by theme.

Tower of English Idioms/Slang

This site is a combination of an idioms dictionary and idioms quizzes. See how many of the words or phrases from the list you can find in newspapers, magazines, or on the Internet. My favorite is the Pofket Riddle. Next time you see or hear a slang word that you’re not sure about, try looking it up on this page!


Englishh click to get a complete list of idioms. Write about an object with similes and see if your classmates can guess what it is! Do you know what a simile is? Search tutors in USA Search.

Finally, choose poc,et character that you can paint if you choose the right answers. Then ask your classmates to guess the meanings of the cliches.

When you find an idiom that you think might be useful for you, try writing 2 or 3 sentences using that idiom. Tutor Profile Login Post-Ad. Do you try to read English newspapers and magazines whenever you can?