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time you open the pages of See You At The Top. The dust jacket is different, and to start with “The End” is certainly d Glimpses of a Golden Childhood – swami. Here are stories about Osho’s childhood encounters with death, his adventures in school and his confrontations with the so- called authorities. The Buddhas do not want to reflect the beauty of the world, nor does the world in any way intend to be reflected by the Buddhas, but it is reflected. Nobody wills.

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He speaks to us directly, vibrantly, and His very presence is a fire which finds an ember smouldering deep within each of our souls.

Chapter 02

He was poor, but rich in his generosity. I used to ask my grandfather, “Nana, where did you get such a beautiful wife? There are no ripples on its surface. He was always making pan, and the whole day long he oxho chew it. These first two series are contained in a single volume called Notes of a Madman.

I chose my mother and my father. He tells of those enlightened Masters who recognized His potential and helped Him survive His hazardous first years.

Perhaps there was some Greek blood in her; no race can claim purity. Now he began to unveil a rare and wondrous gift to his disciples and to the world. The book is simply wonderful.

Your browser does not support iframes. I was always certain it was going to happen sooner or later, but it was going to flimpses.

Even before I said anything to him, he received it already. I told him, “Although you have shown me the place, I have not seen it. But he never told me. In it you can see all the stars more glorified, more magnificent, than they are in the sky above. This book, these glimpses of his truly golden childhood, is just another invitation, a little more encouragement for us also to find that space in which to blossom.


Looking at the notes and dates my grandfather had brought, the greatest astrologer of them all said, “I am sorry, I can only make this birth chart after seven years. My grandfather sold all the ornaments in the house just to give a feast for all the neighboring villages, to celebrate that I was going to become a Buddha, and yet I don’t think he even understood the meaning of the word “buddha.

He was never afraid of consequences. I never saw my mother and father in any fighting situation. These gifted individuals are known as enlightened Masters.

I am not a mechanic, I am not a technician, so it would have been very difficult for me to turn the wheel again But I made it a point to visit him every day just to spit in front of his house, to remind him. Ashu is looking downwards.

You grumpy old fellow, sit down. Much has gokden, yet nothing has happened, for it is still happening, moment to precious moment. Lao Tzu Grove, Rajneeshpuram. P Mahesh rated godlen it was amazing Aug 14, He went his own sweet way, fearless of danger, diving into the deepest, most dangerous rivers, staying alone in the darkest night. InRajneesh spent time in Mumbai initiating followers known as “neo-sannyasins”. And if you start walking on your head, then you can visualize yourself to be in the seventh hell.


My mother’s mother is called Nani. Even poets go on singing songs of their golden childhood – Wordsworth for example, not a worthless fellow at all – but a golden childhood is extremely rare, for the simple reason: You cannot tolerate a woman, she “attracts” you; a wife “distracts”. These notes were given in earlyand were His last words before He went into silence for an indefinite period of time.

Those seven hundred rupees are still hidden somewhere under the earth, and will remain there unless found accidentally by someone. My grandmother laughed and said, “Come tomorrow, I will give you some new clothes. That would have been gplden to make him enlightened!

Glimpses of a Golden Childhood: The Rebellious Childhood of a Great Enlightened One by Osho

And the words come so suddenly. When I glmpses seven an astrologer came to my grandfather’s village searching for me. Once upon a time in the city of Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, in that insanity we call America, the living Master Osho went to his dentist. Much has happened in the last few years to Osho and his people. If the reader detects a few changes in style in this appendix it is due to the fact that in the original text Osho was simply relating a childhood narrative.

See discussion for an exploration of when talks were given.