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12 – Plug. Disk Plug. T. Plug, Seat Material. Actuator Size. A A2. A3. A4. A A6. B B2. Seal Tank. G1. G2. G3. DK. /OO. T. – Self-Acting Pressure and Temperatur Controllers by GESTRA – Flowserve Corporation. Pressure-reducing valve for use with steam and other fluids. Figure no. Description. GESTRA pressure reducing valve without auxiliary energy. Low pressure adjustable within the setting range while operating.

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Ball-Float Traps with floating ball Suitable for small and large condensate quantities, irrespective of the counterpressure, duplex control system with automatic ventilation, simplex control e. Features of the ZK series: Suitable for small and large condensate gedtra, irrespective of the counterpressure, duplex control system with automatic ventilation, simplex control e.

GESTRA valves – Mehner GmbH

ZK Radial Multi-stage control valve for high pressure Pressure: Steam converters produce saturated steam for a secondary system of steam from steam or hot water.

Condensate Collector and Steam Manifold. Brass Download Technical Sheets. Stainless steel Download Technical Sheets.

Mechanical pressure and temperature regulators

Contact our international Partners right now, to ask for an experienced Survey Service — Just early enough to ensure your productivity is on a top level during all times season! Product features The benefits for you are clear: Ex-plosion proof version is available. Cooling takes place through direct spraying of water. GESTRA technology is tailored to your needs, offering you the right solution geztra be it conventional or bus-based.


Production downtimes must be avoided! Both no moving part electrode level control and float regulator gesrra control are available for selection. The condensate manifold is mainly used in steam tracing systems and for the connection of widely branched low-pressure condensate gestfa for low and medium flowrates. From the tank the condensate is returned to the main condensate tank or deaerator with the aid of level-controlled booster steam.

Gestga Trap and Compact Condensate Lifter. Flanged PN25 Body Material: GESTRA is a global leader in the design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control. Steam traps remote monitoring. Backflow preventer With screw sockets.

Pressure reducing valve, type Gestra 5801

Refinery plant – Conburi Gestra: In the flash vessel the flash gestrq is separated from the water, and then fed gedtra a low-pressure steam system. Tripping of alarms, control valves etc Conductivity control – Monitoring conductive liquids for contamination by foreign matter that increases the conductivity concentration; conductivity monitoring signaling and display.

Mixing coolers are blowdown receivers that cool hot waste water that can no longer be used for heat recovery and therefore is discharged into pits, drains or sewage systems.

Carbon steel Download Technical Sheets. The system is ready gestta connection mounted and wired and is delivered on a stable base frame. Special Equipment and Vessels for Heat Recovery. They are equipped with two adjacent condensate pumps, bimetallic dial thermometer, valve submersible indicator, GESTRA level controller and level electrodes for automatic operation of pumps, check valves, safety valve, anti-vacuum valve, vents, shut-off devices, high pressure centrifugal pumps, manometer and control cabinet to the pump control assembled ready for connection.


From the tank the condensate is pumped into the deaerator by level-controlled pumps. For the smooth operation of steam boilers, it is especially important to analyse samples of the boiler water. Flanged PN63 Body Material: By this means trouble-free operation and a long service life of the heat exchanger and steam equipment is obtained.

However, to obtain proper and uncorrupted analysis values, you require accurate sampling methods and also testing instruments gedtra function correctly. The condensate discharged by the steam traps flows down the interior wall of the external tube. Features of the RK series: Alloy special steel for higer pressure and temperature combinations, Alloy special martensitic creep resistance F91 with wear-resistant titanium geetra nozzle stem and seat Download Technical Sheets.

Steam manifold with lateral connections and integral shut-off valves for any kind of pipe connection.