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Recomendacoes tecnicas sobre gergelim; regiao Centro-Sul do Brasil. EMBRAPA. Centro Nacional de Pesquisa do Algodao (Campina Grande, PB). DESEMPENHO AGRONÔMICO DE GENÓTIPOS DE GERGELIM (Sesamum indicum L.) SOB Pesquisadora, Doutora, EMBRAPA, CNPA, Campina Grande. O trabalho foi realizado em dezembro de , na Embrapa Algodão, de onde foram retirados discos foliares de gergelim para serem mensurados os índices.

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Data corresponding to the following variables were collected: According to Sharma et al.

Oil content in the seeds was quantified by nuclear magnetic resonance NMRbased on non-destructive tests, in which the value found results from the magnetic field scanning of the sample Oxford Instruments, This behavior demonstrates sesame sensitivity to both grrgelim and excess of water in the soil.

Nevertheless, reduction in carotenoids combined embraap low content of chlorophyll gergepim in the leaves of plants subjected to both absence and excess of water may contribute to increasing the injuries to the photosynthetic mechanism, leading to limitations in growth, development and production.

An evaluation of noninvasive methods to estimate foliar chlorophyll content. Total leaf area cm 2 was determined by measuring the length and width of leaflets and using the equation proposed by Silva et al. Thus, it is necessary to identify the physiological, biochemical and productive changes related to the tolerance to stress.


Technological Solutions – Portal Embrapa

Such reduction in the activity of the enzymes in plants subjected to water stress conditions may be an indication of non-adaptation to the stressful environment, with effect on crop yield.

Quantitative factors irrigation depth were subjected to polynomial regression analyses, selecting the model of highest significance in the F test Ferreira, Tergelim forest shade to study the development ecology of tropical plants: For the interaction irrigation depth x genotypes, there was no significance.

Copper enzymes in isolated chloroplasts: Analyses were carried out using the statistical programs Sisvar 5. A method for the extraction of chlorophyll from leaf tissue without maceration. Cell membrane integrity evaluation, based on electrolyte leakage, was expressed as percentage of conductivity in relation to the total conductivity. Sesame Sesamum indicum L. Their main characteristics gereglim The experiment was conducted in a clayey soil, sampled until cm deep and classified as clay loam Embraps Neosol RYwhose gsrgelim and physical characterizations were performed at the Irrigation and Salinity Laboratory of the Academic Unit of Agricultural Engineering of the Federal University of Campina Grande.

Processo de elaboração de extrudados não expandidos (pellets) de milho e sementes de gergelim.

Universal emnrapa equations for estimating chlorophylls a, b, c, and d and total chlorophylls in natural assemblages of photosynthetic organisms using acetone, methanol, or ethanol solvents. Non destructive analysis of photosynthetic pigments in leaves of Sesamum indicum L. To the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation Embrapa Cotton for providing the structure needed to conduct this study.


Forest Ecology and Management, v.

May 04, ; Accepted: Data of the response variables were subjected to the analysis of variance by F test Fisher at 0. For soil chemical characterization, according to the methodology of Carmo et al.

Increased water replacement in the soil resulted in decreases of Similar response was found by Silva et al. Nevertheless, in these regions, irrigation can be used to supplement rainfall, which leads to improvement in the growth, development and yield of crops. Journal Photosynthesis Embrapq, v.

All evaluations, except of production, were carried out at 90 days after embraapa DAE. Yield was estimated based on the production obtained in the evaluation area of the experimental plot.

Chlorophyll meter evaluation for nitrogen management in corn.

Descrição botânica e técnicas da polinização controlada do gergelim (Sesamum indicum L).

Rapid estimates of relative water content. Irrigation depth Li and irrigation time Ti were calculated according to Mantovani et al.

De acordo com Markwell et al. Determining the content of carotenoids in plants subjected to some sort of stress is very important, due to their role in the dissipation of the energy intercepted.