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A critical analysis of the idea of Europe and the limits and possibilities of a European identity in the broader perspective of Inventing Europe Delanty, Gerard. I{ETlllNKlNC IRTSH HISTORy (with patrick O’Mahony). Inventing Europe. Idea, Identity, Reality. Gerard Delanty. Senior LÄ›crurer in Sociology. U niversity of Liver . Inventing Europe: Idea, Identity, Reality, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke,

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This is illustrated by the fact than in the thirteenth century there had been consider- able contact between Europe and the Orient.

The idea of Europe has been more con- ncctcd to the state tradition and elite cultures than with the politics of civil society. The idea of a European identity had yet to be forged.

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An abiding discord remained between France, heir to the Roman tradition, and Germany, which was only in part Romanised and the focus of its leadership shifted progressively eastwards Cahnman, The first wave of feudalism, from the fifth to the ninth century, had produced a static agrarian world.

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We can detect, however, the beginning of a civilisational strug- gle towards the cultural hegemony of the West in the sense of the cultural superiority of the Romano-Hellenic world over the unconquered world. Gedard admits in his preface that his book is meant more for political scientists than it is for historians but I found his over exaggerations and lack of historical nuance hard to read. This is best exemplified in the ten- sion inherent in that famous piece of political obscurantism: Yet something can be discerned in the greatflux of history and it is not the unity of history but adversity: It was a consciousness that was sustained by the principle of exclusivity rather than on any kind of immanent collective conesion.

J3ut Europe is more than a region and polity, it is also an idea and an identity. Infenting thesis I should like to propose, then, is that it is important that the idea of Europe be separated from Universal ethical validity claims disguised as an essential ist ethno-culturalism.


A niventing border emerged, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. In his reflections on the nature of kinship delqnty The Politicspp. From the early third century the notion of a Christian age had been established as the basis of historical chronology, while Islam established its own system of dating after the death of Muhammad in Herrin. The Shifting Frontier 48 relanty. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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The main contender for the mantle of Christendom was the Germanic empire of the Franks. In this transformation a new being was born: The new idea of Europe was institu- tionalised in religious institutions and brought about an ideological transfor- mation of Rome into Europe.

The majority of studies on the idea of Europe tend to focus on the theme of European unity, which is generally taken to be the Europe of the European Union. Published June 15th by Palgrave Macmillan first published After the Persian wars, the Greek city states gersrd weakened as a result of internal strife and the ensuing Peloponnesian war between Sparta and Athens prepared the way for the ascendancy of Macedonia in bc.

Justina rated it it was amazing Feb 02, A book on the idea of Europe cannot escape this thorny philosophical issue.

The origins of Eurocenlrism. Rather than being the leitmotif for ‘dis- organised capitalism’ Lash and Urry, the European idea should, if it is to be anything, be the basis of a new politics of cultural pluralism.

Inventing Europe: Idea, Identity, Reality

In this period western Europe was undermined by a process of frag- mentation resulting gearrd population movement and the decline of the Roman Empire.

This book is about how every age invented the idea of Europe in the mirror of its own identity: Relanty sociological concept of a ‘discourse’ can help to explain this: Uygar Karal rated it really liked it Mar 02, This was also a period of Reconquest for the Latin West. The consolidation of the idea of Europe and the formation of an identity focused on it is the theme of the next chapter. When the Other is recognised as such, difference is positive, but when the Other is represented as a threatening stranger, difference is negative.


The idea of Europe began to emerge with the decline of classical Greek civilisation. For the eastern emperors the Holy Roman Emperors were mere usurpers and the gap between East and West widened. A collective geradd based on citizenship could be a starting point for eurpe a reappraisal of the European idea.

[ Gerard Delanty] Inventing Europe 1995

Europe, as a civilisation, perpetually under threat from outside forces, particularly on its eastern frontier, evolved a cultural ethos which tended to attribute to its own structures of consciousness a uni- versaKstic dlmefisTonTWith the opening of the western frontier after and its subsequent path to world mastery, the idea of Europe increasingly signified a universal culture and European modernity was supposed to be the agent oTuTfiveHafity.

The only way out of this would be to replace the largely unreflecti vc idea of Europe based on self-identity through negation and exclusion inventkng one gefard on autonomy and participation.

Augustinas Uleckas rated it liked it Aug 09, A sense of European identity existed by the fifteenth century, but it was an identity that was shaped more by defeat than by victory and was buttressed by the image of the Orient as its common enemy. It is a mistake, as Rrnsl Trocltsch But, to take the metaphor further, it is not without its referees, for the social reproduction of reality also involves a normative dimension; that is, it can be linked to a moral dimension which has the power of critical self-reflection.

The Limits of Europe: It has been a fact of European history that every attempt made to unite the continent occurred alter a period oi major division.