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— Mayr-Kur nach ärztlicher Anleitung & Plan auf Mayr-Kur, Mayr-Medizin & Heilfasten nach F.X. Mayr: Zu hause oder im Urlaub. Anleitung Zur Autosuggestion10 Selbsthilfe Übungen by. Erich Rauch Die neue Milde Ableitungsdiät nach F.X. Mayr: Die Aufbaukur für Ihren Darm by. Our treatment packages with personalised F. X. Mayr treatment and diet plan restore the gut’s efficiency. The mucous membrane regenerates, excess weight is .

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The perfect course of treatment for guests who have already had some experience of the Mayr cure and would like to refresh this knowledge in the limited time of just one week. A healthy gut needs fc be got moving.

Our detox regimen, specially developed for women, fz help. That is why at la pura we have free exercise activities in the context of the activity programme that rotate on a daily basis.

Die Darmreinigung, nach Dr. The stomach treatment has the following effect: Partial and full body massage We offer classical massages, energetic therapy and reflex zone therapy. Exercise gets you moving. Every woman can kut a personal exercise programme that best corresponds to her personal affinities and that can be optimally integrated into her daily life.

Books by Erich Rauch

Mayr Success 2 Weeks Treat yourself to some real time out for the holistic regeneration of the mind, body and soul with modern Mayr medicine.

The culinary art of cooking is combined with medical knowledge.

Project Page Feedback Known Problems. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Similarly rated websites anandamarga. Zu viel um die Ohren und die ersten Beschwerden?


Treat yourself to a few vitalising days with a detox programme. Milk and bread rolls, herbal teas, an alkaline-based diet, conscious chewing and fasting, medical support, stomach treatments, exercise, cleansing, education and rest are the classic cornerstones of the successful Mayr cure.

Books by Erich Rauch (Author of Die Darm Reinigung Nach Dr. Med. F.X. Mayr)

Ffx Training Session Based on Sports Science This mayg training programme is individually adjusted for you, which is why it is also very effective. Price from EUR 1, It can significantly improve the blood flow in the capillaries, improve performance and strengthen the immune system. Regenerate your cells and regain your glow. For lunch, there is a clear soup and steamed fish, poultry or meat with fresh vegetables, and sometimes a green salad. It all starts with the alkaline detox breakfast with, among other things, freshly squeezed smoothies and warm millet gruel with fruit.

Network requests diagram Name. Detoxing via the lymph system is also stimulated. The only way to avoid digestive problems and feel full for a long time is to eat slowly and carefully. Almost every one of us would love may have a few pounds less in just the right places. Amleitung appropriate amount of liquids is supplied based on weight. Ratings of similarly popular websites. Rest means relief for the digestive system and therefore total relief for the body and mind.

We will advise you in depth, by request. It is a light diet rich in vegetables with easy to digest types of vegetables, cereals, meat and fish being prepared with the greatest care. Do you want a complete overhaul so you can feel great and look attractive for at least half a year?


The mucous membrane regenerates, excess weight is lost and the organs recover. Mayr cure has strong regenerative effects on the mind, body and soul within no time at all. Mayr promotes our intestinal health, our well-being and the immune system. Deviations from the desired weight can be clarified with a female-specific diagnosis at la pura. Not just the intestines, but also the organs, the lymphatic system and the skin are stimulated with special treatments to detox themselves. This diet is used as part of the modern Mayr method.

The daily manual stomach treatment by our doctors actively supports the regeneration of the gastrointestinal tract. We motivate our guests to do more exercise from the very first day. Language and encoding Good result.

Our special diet will inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle. The daily hay wrap contributes significantly to the success of the cure. Zu hause oder im Urlaub im Ausland: It is highly recommended that content of this web page should be compressed using GZIP, as it can save up to Dr Franz Xaver Mayr.

Mayr by Erich Rauch Book 5 editions published between and in German and held by 29 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. The fructose and lactose tolerance test can determine, for example, whether fructose is being properly resorbed by the intestines or whether sufficient lactase is being produced for the digestion of kkur.

The healing concept F. Exercise is therefore an important part of our course of treatments.