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Monteggia fracture-dislocations consist of a fracture of the ulnar shaft with concomitant dislocation of the radial head. The ulnar fracture is usually obvious. Monteggia appreciated that the ulna fracture was linked to the radial head the term Monteggia fracture-dislocation in in his publication Thesis de Paris. Monteggia described a fracture of the proximal third of the ulna with . Reynders P, De Groote W, Rondia J, Govaerts K, Stoffelen D, Broos PL.

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Monteggia fracture-dislocation in children. L8 – 10 years in practice. In children, the results of early treatment are always good, typically normal or nearly so.

According to Reynders et al [ 3 ], open reduction of the radial head re reconstruction of the annular ligament could be responsible of a proximal synostosis between radius and ulna. One can hope that their contributions will be long remembered and celebrated.

What are the potential complications associated with this injury? About Blog Go ad-free.

Monteggia fracture-dislocations – Emergency Department

Throughout his career, he was seen as a resource of information and constant inspiration to those around him. It is a fracture of the radius with a dislocation of the proximal radio-ulnar and the radio-capitellar joints [ 1 ].

Changes in mlnteggia management of monteggia fractures. Over almost 3 decades their management approach did not change substantially, although their preferred fixation technique involved the use monteggiaa compression plates that were introduced in the late s.


Monteggia injuries in children. They suggested that a closed reduction of Monteggia fracture-dislocation often resulted in poor outcomes and made several recommendations. Physical examination showed swelling of the elbow and upper forearm and an obvious deformity. It is based upon type and location of the ulnar fracture.

Patient and observation A year-old patient presents in the emergency ward with a fresh closed trauma from the left forearm, following a road accident. Type I fractures monteggja usually a result of a fall on an outstretched hand with hyperpronation or hyperextension of the forearm.

Additionally, we collected information from online databases such as the History of Medicine and translated original articles from Italian and Spanish.

Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: Educational video describing the classification of monteggia fractures. Early period Montegvia Cooper, from London, England, described anterior, posterior, and lateral dislocations of the radial head with fracture of the ulna shaft. The Monteggia fracture in adults always requires a surgical treatment [ 2 ].

Peripheral nerve examination needs to be documented. How common are they and how do they montetgia There is plastic deformation of the ulna. Discussion In Monteggia reported a particular injury pattern associating a fracture of the proximal third of the shaft of the ulna, with a dislocation of the radial head from both the superior radio-ulnar and the radio-humeral joints [ 1 – 3 ].

Postoperative radiographs showing a good reduction of the fracture but persistent anterior dislocation of the radial head. Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads. All Monteggia fracture-dislocations require an mknteggia orthopaedic assessment. Articles Cases Courses Quiz.

The patient in our report had a successful clinical outcome and functional range of motion after rigid fixation of the ulnar shaft fracture and exploration of the elbow joint, reduction of the radial head and repair of the lateral collateral ligament. Multiple classification systems of the Monteggia fracture exist. What is the best treatment? A long dorsal contoured plate achieved healing with good alignment of a posterior Monteggia lesion.


Please vote below and help us build motneggia most advanced adaptive learning platform in medicine. Log in Sign up. Reduction is always required.

Barquet A, Caresani J. ChungMD, Mobteggia 4.

Monteggia fracture-dislocations: A Historical Review

From these original materials, we present the evolution of treatment of Monteggia fracture-dislocations over 2 centuries and summarize the lives and contributions of Monteggia and Bado. They also advocated reconstruction of the annular ligament using a fascial sling wrapped around the head of the radius to prevent recurrence of dislocation. Showing ed X-ray of a year-old patient who had a malunion of ulna fracture that was treated with monyeggia open reduction and an osteoperiosteal graft.

They stated that closed reduction of the fracture usually resulted in satisfactory outcomes; however, they performed an open reduction and plate fixation, in similar fashion to the treatment of adults, if the radial head proved difficult to reduce. The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

Fracture of the ulnar shaft monteggi lateral dislocation of the radial head.