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Freeciv is a turn-based strategy game, with some real-time elements, in which each player is the leader of a civilization, fighting to obtain the ultimate goals of a . Freeciv is an open-source, free-to-play, single-player or multi-player, computer game developed independently (since ) but admittedly inspired by. Has anybody found a walkthrough/tutorial for freeciv that really holds your hand like you’ve never played it at all before? This is the obvious.

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This means it’s selected.

To fix this, our kind and loving coders tutorlal the generator option. It is recommended that you try playing solitaire a few times, so that you can get a feel for how things work, but this is not necessary. So, first thing to do is to go around looking for the best place to settle. This turns the settler into a city with 1 citizen “10, population”.

Each point of science from each city adds up into your national tech research. Research only contruction and banking. Check also if units have any bonuses against other units, eg. Okay, so the game’s started. Also of use rutorial coasts, rivers, and grasslands dark green. Also in the info frame is “granary”. This lists the summary and functionalities of the city:. It shows a list of all the techs, and what techs are necessary to get them.

As for the rest, higher “mountains” means a more mountainous map, higher “deserts” means more deserts, etc. Freeciv is extremely similar to Civ II, so it should be useful; only the interfaces differ a bit.


Freeciv for Dummies

If there’s a number in parenthesis, that’s the more important number showing net values. When you play against AI just pressure it. There are a number of tutorials and strategy guides available at the Tutorials page. Feel free to set whatever timeout seems comfortable, but remember that going above will tend to bother people. In most times those captured cities are built in bad spots, then just sell improvements and set citizens to scientists, leave such city with 1 warrior inside.

If AI finishes city walls dont attack such city, jsut stay with warrior around waiting until it leaves it empty, or wait 10 catapults, also you might consider investigating city with diplomat to check how much defenders is there.

Note that all basic units except the explorer can only go 1 tile per turn. The “present units” frame lists what units are on the city. The rest of freecib mainly have to do with what sort of world will be generated and game mechanics. Get about master cities. You can get back to the city dialog box by clicking on any city. Rapturing means – cities grows 1 per turn – you can do it in republic, setting enough luxury ffreeciv there is tutorila or equal happy citizens than content, city needs to be at least size 3 also.

Later in the game, however, as things get more complex, you may want to extend the timeout to seconds. If you have never played the Civilization games, it’s easiest to start by reading the Freeciv Manual, available at Manual.


Always build military units in city with barracks. When you click on a city, it will bring up the city window and display the city Overview tab.

The more surplus production, the faster your city builds things. So click on the “game options” button, and use these settings in the various tabs:. First off, a note about this tutorial. On continental map you should get monarchy quite fast.

Freeciv — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Sign In Don’t have an account? Use tiles per player option. But you should find better. Building your city Edit Once you have moved a settler to where you want to build, press Band click “OK”.

The Freeciv Game User’s Guide

This lists the summary and functionalities of the city: See example maps treeciv with different options. There could be something good there all free: On island just go republic. So click on somewhere on the map–in the black is okay–and your unit will go there.

Just produce horde of knights like and enjoy destruction. This setting determines how many players are placed on the same continent.