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: Mahabharatham (Malayalam) eBook: Kunchan Nambiar, K.P. Balachandran: Kindle Store. $ Read with Our Free App; Paperback $ 6. Mahabharatham (Malayalam Edition) [K.P. Balachandran] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. book by k.p. balachandran. Yudhisthiraswamedham, a free prose malayalam translation of Jaiminiaswamedham, published by President, Sri Ramakrishna Math.

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Yuddistira poses the questions, which mostly revolve around Dharma and kingship, and Bhisma answers. The first time I read a faithful translation of the Mahabharata, I And Bhisma himself tells us what he really thinks of Buddhist philosophy! Arjun finally spots Jayadratha, but he is very well protected, and the sun is about to set.

Balarama, Devaki, Kamsa, Krishna, Vasudeva. I tried my best to make sense of it, and to leave out the voluminous details that had nothing to do with the story at hand. Duryodhana’s remaining brothers are all killed.

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malaaylam By the end of this ordeal, everyone is terrified of Draupadi and her Gandharva husbands. Karna’s sons are exterminated. At least Yuddistira learned Nala’s dicing secrets, so he need not worry about another match with Shakuni. Please be sure to visit my blog and let me know you made it! They also share the theme of low-caste hunters and their cruelty. Unfortunately, Devaki’s brother, Crown Prince Kamsa was a bad guy, and he got an early warning that his sister’s eighth child would be the death of him.

Bhima wrestles the old guy for fourteen days and finally body-slams him, mahabharatamm him Now that the truth was out, all Mahabjaratam needed to do was embrace his Dharma, join his brothers, and assume the title of King of India. Two maalyalam stories from the Sage Markandeya.


The association of religious devotion with carnal love is found in Sikhism, Sufi Islam and even mystical Christianity. This episode covers the Pandava’s departure for the forest and the initial fears of theKauravas as they considered what they had done.

Following that, we hear about the Fishy-Fragrant Satyavati and Vyasa’s birth. Lots more people died, but so far, not much has been accomplished. Krishna returns from his mission to Hastinpur with war on his mind. Now today, on the freee day, Bhisma sets out to finish off his Dharma so he could move on to the next phase in his gree. So Krishna obliges by giving us the details of a few more speeches made in the Kuru court, but none of it helps.

The frse books are much shorter, and full of geneologies and creation myths that are almost impossible to make narrative sense of, so I left a lot of that out! While Arjun remains in heaven, relaxing with his father Indra, news reaches the Kaurava court of Arjun’s exploits.

Soon after, the Rajasuya Sacrifice commences.

After a palace coup, King Kamsa threw Devaki and Vasudeva into prison and killed their first six babies as soon as they were born. We are all getting tired of the unending violence. Daityas, Danavas, Duryodhana, Karna, Vaishnava.

The elder Kurus, living austere lives in the forest, found themselves consumed by a forest fire of their own creation. Now that he has been defeated, his survivors seek revenge for his fall.

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The four Pandavas who were left in the forest set off on a tour of the sacred sites of Ancient India, with the Sage Lomasha as their guide. This episode is the first in a series that will break away from the Mahabharata and use the Bhagavata Purana as the primary source instead. Up until the Pandavas meet Krishna at Draupadi’s Swayamvara, no mention is made of Krishna’s birth, childhood, or rise to power.


There are still some interesting details in the Bhagavata Purana which I want to compare with later events in the Mahabharata, so I’m not completely done with that book, but for the upcoming episodes, we’ll get back to the Mahabharata and see what the Pandavas do next.

This is a big day in the war. Anga, Ghatotkacha, Karna, Rakshasa.

I spend some time at the beginning of this episode describing what we’re up against in terms of the original Mahabharata as a source. These include Bharata himself, plus his ancestor Yayati and his son Puruas well as Bharata’s descendent Kuru. This episode covers the final day of the great war. Jarasandh, Magadha, Bhima, Krishna.

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He’s a former cowherder from a caste of shudras who claims his father is a prince alas, there were no witnesses to Then Bhisma kindly gives us an inventory of the fighters who will take place in the coming battle. It is time for one of Krishna’s tricks! That much is clear, and the match culminates in the deliberate humiliation of Draupadi before the court. Now the Dharma Raja has learned that he killed his own brother– aside from killing one’s parents, perhaps one of the worst things a person could do.

In the case of So each story so far has the element of an obedient wife despite hardship When the Kauravas hear he is coming, Dhrtarastra plans on bribing him, while Duryodhana hopes to imprison him.