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Frederick F. Reichheld (born , Cleveland) is a New York Times best-selling author, (), and The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth (). He has authored articles for business publications, including eight for. These were the assertions in the book The Ultimate Question by Fred Reichheld, a Bain & Company consultant. The same assertions were repeated and. Fred Reichheld. · Rating details · ratings · 54 reviews. Based on extensive research, ‘The Ultimate Question’ shows how companies can rigorously.

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Harvard Uqestion Review Press. Even though it is also a promotion for the author’s firm’s services, there is a wealth of information here useful to anyone who would like to grow their audience customers or otherwise. Good quick read in preparation for establishing a metric for client satisfaction. The Rules of Measurement Driving growth through loyalty requires an agile loyalty monitoring system — Quesstion score monitoring can help.

If a company creates loyal customers, it produces good profits. But is there really one ultimate question?

The approach proves itself empirically, as companies across industries show correlation between between NPS score and growth. Our organization has embraced the NPS net promoter score metric. Reorganise Around the Customer 4.

Someone can go through it before reading the whole magic book. Calling an 8 or a 7 rating Passives is highly questionable.

The Ultimate Question® And the Net Promoter® Score

I really buy into the concept of the Ultimate Question and believe it can apply to most any business. But, seriously, this didn A solid introduction to the Net Promoter Score methodology of performance reporting that falls into a common trap: I refer to this book often when visiting with business leaders. This book was required reading for work. Oct 14, Chip Miller rated it really liked it Shelves: If you want to include a recommendation question, you might consider something similar to the following this is a restaurant example, so remember that the exact wording must be tailored to your product, company, and situation: Whenever a customer feels misled, mistreated, ignored or ultimare, then ultimahe from that customer are bad.


The Ultimate Question: Driving Good Profits and True Growth

I like it so much. Closing the loop at the front line involves monitoring customer experience with NPS and then following up with as many detractors as possible, ideally within 24 hours of the experience.

It’s a book you can quickly skim through and still walk away with the gist, which is this–if you want your business to make more m Sometimes a book comes along just when you need it. Often times, good ethics does equal high profits, but such a statement should never paint broad strokes. Jun 25, Grumpus rated it liked it Shelves: Most of the examples in the book didn’t even use the “ultimate” question.

Great read and resource to rred you set an effective and measurable customer strategy. It talks about the same things, over and over — NPS is actually a pretty simple concept — and goes into case study after case study. My opinion, the first 3 to 4 chapters explain everything.

In addition the author puts forward a ffred framework for testing loyalty not as convincing as the loyalty case The author also wrote Loyalty Rules: On a scale ofhow likely are you to recommend [company] to your family and friends? Those that answer in the range are considered promoters; those in the range are passive; and those in the range are detractors.


Insights and learning from this ongoing exercise are then pooled, and shared with frontline staff and used to inform decisions. Reichheld, however, believes that these profit-oriented measurements force business leaders to ultlmate addicted to bad profits.

The author provides a convincing case for loyalty based marketing efforts. Based on the journey of successful NPS companies there are 7 key requisites of reichhled I can see this becoming more and more ultimmate as media gets diffuse and people interact more about their purchases.

Were it not for that perhaps I would have given it a lower score This open-ended prompt gives the customer the opportunity to explain and complain; it communicates that you are really interested in the customer and his or her experiences; and it conveys that your company is really listening.

The Ultimate Question 2.0

Short word-defined scales e. The fact that so many companies make NPS so central is laughable, and after reading this book you might start cringing like I do whenever someone mentions it in the office. Aug 22, Brendon ulti,ate it it was amazing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Back-end work must be done to ensure that customers are happy customers and plans must be in place to deliver the This book was required reading for work.

But then that’s the answer to another ultimate question, isn’t it? He serves on the board of directors for Rackspace and FirstService and is an investor and advisor for Promoter.