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The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Awakening of Spring, by Frank Wedekind This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no. FRANK WEDEKIND became widely known through his great drama Spring Awakening [or The Awakening of Spring], which he called a tragedy of childhood, . Spring Awakening was Frank Wedekind’s first play. He had it published at his own expense in , but it was not performed until Wedekind.

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Then the child would be taken away from him. It would be so much the better for us. Can any of you say where Moritz Stiefel is keeping himself?

I felt a little ashamed of myself. Each of us wanders from the straight path. It’s about the suicidal teenager who can’t stop thinking about lady legs, his best friend who struggles with the ignorance of the adulthood without realising his own and the two boys who wedekid away in the vineyards to kiss.

The Masked Man informs Melchior that Wendla died of an unnecessary abortion, and that he has appeared to teach him the truth about life in order to rescue him from death. There is no sacrifice! I am very ready–in case you desire it–to write to your parents. Don’t you know that yet either, Moritz? And when your girls reached the same age it would be the same with them! Haven’t you often wondered, Melchior, by what means we were brought into this whirl?


Pink hats, pink dresses, pink shoes. Why shouldn’t I go walking in the dark? It would make me all the happier to be able to help them.

Full text of “The Awakening of Spring A Tragedy of Childhood”

You shouldn’t do such things, Herr Stiefel. The letter is forged. Then you go to see the poor because it makes you happy? See, I didn’t want to say a word to you.

I, Melchior, have never been beaten in my lifenot a single time. I do- do- don’t have to stand that! The ground is warm yet from the morning sun.

What ideas you have! Where are you going? Please tell me, dear Mother! In other news, I’ve never read a Franzen book he comes off as pretentious to me but I found his take on the musical adaptation of Spring Awakening in the introduction to be amusing.

Spring Awakening – Frank Wedekind

We meet the girl abused by her father late at night; a dark secret that is eating her up from the inside. Yes, yes, dear Melchior, the last three weeks have been a Gethsemane for me. That’s the reason I’m his mother. Is it sinful, Mother, to have such thoughts? It is that strange combination of dark and bright, sweet and sour, hopeful and devastating.


Spring’s Awakening

He will find there, in the first place, that which has been wrongfully withheld from him at home, parental discipline, principles, and a moral constraint to which he must submit under all circumstances. Faust himself cannot have deserted her in cold blood! I have been first five times in this lamentable conflict, and from to-day it does not bother me!

Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and aqakening of the review as a whole. You will be doing me a bitter wrong, Herr Stiefel, if you see a sign of lack of love in my refusal. Similarly, he goes into immense detail about the facts-of-life essay written by a teenage boy, but leaves us dpring work out that this has nothing to do with the suicide.

Like Ibsen, Wedekind briefly mentions events and then leaves us to fill in the blanks. I’ve looked into it too deeply this time for that.