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Comment le web change le monde. Dominique Piotet Francis Pisani. Published by VILLAGE MONDIAL (). ISBN ISBN To Our French Readers: L’Atelier’s “Comment le web change le monde” is publishing Dominique Piotet and Francis Pisani’s great introduction to Web According to Piotet and Pisani, we live in a new world of dynamic relationships Comment le web change le monde: L’alchimie des multitudes, Francis Pisani.

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According to you, what are the techno-logical and social spheres in which the transforming elements of the future will rise?

The concept of innovation must be questionned |

However, far from agreeing with the detractors of the Internet who like to jeer about the “stupidity of the crowds”, the authors point out that many exchanges do not enrich the general conversation. Piotet and Pisani do not entirely subscribe to the concept of the “wisdom of the crowds”. Date end For digital creations services, please check the Digitalarti services site and contact us. I am currently writing a short article entitled La mort existe-t-elle vrai-ment?

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On a different level, companies will soon exist “in the clouds”. These are human networks, which nevertheless involve technology. But given a choice, they would choose this new world of great possibilities any day. Digitalarti media is published by Digitalarti. The Internet has become a new fighting arena. You are living and breathing the Internet on a daily, most likely hourly, basis.


It may pain us to say it, but not everyone and not everywhere is equally equipped and talented for innovation. First, one of the major players in personal computer, Steve Jobs [died]. In July, you published on your blog a post entitled vrancis Silicon Valley est-elle en danger? But this recognition is reflected in a paradoxical manner: France – Le Monde. Published in the Digitalarti Mag 8.

The authors would have liked to publish their book online, but the publisher would not go for it. Here too, the shape has changed, but we read more and more. The rest of us can learn much and be inspired and enabled by those who are To sum up, last August was marked by the announcement of the end of the PC era, with two symbolic elements and a very tangible one.

It’s going to focus on mostly about the above subject together with additional information associated with it. I think we can try to work over a 2 to 3 years span. We produce information, we publish it, we comment on it, we vote on it and, we act on it.

To Our French Readers: L’Atelier’s “Comment le web change le monde” Available Free Online

Our approach is to say: Most of you are inundated with RSS feeds, blog posts and dozens of other news tidbits. But, the mere existence of such a failure creates fdancis in which we can act to initiate social changes we view as positive.


Instead of giving a defini-tion of hybridising, I prefer to explain that it is a way of dealing with information and communication technologies. Some interactions already existed, others have been facilitated by technology. Another particularly demanding situation is that of the traditional news media which have lost their former authority as readers have become news commentators and producers.

They have chosen to invent a new term which mond also the title of their book. Any thorough study of the Arab Spring, for instance, is bound to demonstrate this kind of things.

The question Dominique and I are asking is precisely this: Today, our duty as citizens is to fight for this very aspect. And this is where I reassess the importance of education: They prefer to talk about the “alchemy of the multitudes”.

Today, I am not able to say who will win, but our responsibilities as citizens rests on it. Online search behaviour may reflect real-world economic life.

Date start Nevertheless, this space is neither good nor bad, nor neutral, to use a wellknown formula. Therefore, this is one of the examples of the hybrid web. Politique, just in case you didn’t. In five years time, it will become obvious. Entraide universitaire mondiale du Canada.