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In a new series of videos on Greater Good, forgiveness expert Fred Luskin shares what he has learned from two decades of studying and. you feel. ▫ Forgiveness is about your healing. Forgive for Good- Frederic. Luskin, Ph.D. What is forgiveness? ▫ Forgiveness is not about the person who hurt you. Based on scientific research, this groundbreaking study from the frontiers of psychology and medicine offers startling new insight into the healing powers an.

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I picked up this book at a local library book giveaway. The illustration regarding landing the planes that represent my unwillingness to forgive that have been circling around for years in the air space of my mind was especially goov. Jan 03, Pat Jennings rated it it was amazing.

I found it extremely practical and straight forward.

I highly recommend this book! Some really important concepts: If you have any grievances that you can’t stop thinking or talking about, you owe it to yourself and your sanity to read this book and to use the tools to get your life back.

Know goid how goo feel about what happened and be able to articulate what about the situation is not OK. It helps me understand that what I’m feeling or experiencing isn’t unique, that my responses to pain are normal actually biologically basedand that I can take control, move on, and make room for new life. If you support the Greater Good by December 31, your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar. He tells you how to embody a philosophy of forgiveness. Jun 15, Ross Aalgaard rated it really liked it.

Scroll To Top In a new series of videos on Greater Goodforgiveness expert Fred Luskin shares what luskln has learned from two decades of studying and teaching forgiveness. Fred Luskin will show you how. As a doctoral candidate at Stanford, the author, Dr. It helped me to be more aware of 1. I will be honest, I believe this book will be more powerful in my life when I am going through difficulties and need to exercise forgiveness.

This is a well researched process. He offers presentations and classes that range from one hour to ongoing weekly trainings. It’s a secular book explaining the whys and hows of forgiveness. The only caveat is the grammar errors but it doesn’t take the value of the content.


I think it could have been smaller. Prior to the current surge in research interest the importance of practicing forgiveness was extolled in both religious and psychological traditions.

Luskin walks us slowly through the process. Very helpful, concrete examples of people from all walks of life and in situations shared by most, from a person who gets a flat tire on the way to work to the most difficult to imagine circumstances such as the mothers of murdered children in Ireland, teach the reader that these principles have been scientifically determined to make a huge difference in the lives of people who suffer from a lack of a need to forgive.

The tragedies related were horrific and senseless. Forgiveness means that even though you are wounded you choose to hurt and suffer less.

Hardcoverpages. Do you want to let go of thoughts based on past wounds? Mar 09, booklady rated it it was amazing Shelves: The author quotes the later Stoic authors directly in chapter epigraphs: Forgiveness is the understanding that hurt is a normal part of life.

Forgive for Good: A Proven Prescription for Health and Happiness

What forgiveness really is How grievances are created Specific techniques and meditations designed to help you focus, de-stress, and forgive The four stages of becoming a forgiving person The nine steps to forgiveness How forgiveness can change your giod The most compelling stories in the book are those of the people Dr.

Aug 22, Susan rated it really liked it. Definitely worth a Insightful and easy-to-read. Luskin’s research and study on forgiveness is compelling and convincing in his case on why liskin need to be more forgiving in our lives towards the people and situations that we may still be holding a grudge against.

What makes it good is the timeless truth regarding forgiveness and the practical ways suggested for people live within forgiveness. Quotes from Forgive for Good I’m going to take a break, and pick it back up when my kids are teenagers. He also does a great job of explaining that forgiving is not becoming a doormat, it is choosing to be in control of my responses and actions but that my choices are much luakin or more powerful when I do it with forgiveness.


This novel teaches the importance of forgiveness and how to forgive without incorporating a religious aspect. That includes forgiving yourself as well. The stories in this book run the gamut — from people fogrive have lost children to violence or were cheated on by a spouse, to those that were passed over for a long-coveted promotion, were neglected as a child, lied to, or stolen from.

Books by Fred Luskin. Remind yourself that you can hope for health, love, friendship, and prosperity, and work hard to get them. I’ve learnt a lot and I can say I am a healthier person after working with the exercises and guidance of Dr.

Fred Luskin Explains How to Forgive

And as Marcus Aurelius says, “if you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment. I will admit, I haven’t applied this completely, and I just skimmed the last chapters because they are what you read when you have been on the path to forgiveness and have a beyond. I do forgive him for influencing my behavior, and take responsibility for my behavior as an adult.

Give up expecting things from your life or from other people that they do not choose to give you. Luskin holds a Ph. Recognize that your primary distress is coming from the hurt feelings, thoughts, and physical upset you are suffering now, not from what offended you or hurt you two minutes—or 10 years—ago.

Open Preview See a Problem? Even if you start out improving your life with revenge as the motive, after a while revenge becomes secondary and focusing on your own goals takes over. Your distress is coming from the upset you are feeling now, now what offended you in the past.