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This is our collection of freestyle footbag moves, collected over the years and contributed by various footbag players. Thanks in large part go to Adrian Dick. This hacky sack expert will show you a variety of different moves and tricks as well as introduce you to a few different games to play in the footbag hobby. Footbag, more commonly known as Hacky Sack (a name trademarked by and stalls used that form the foundation kicking with a group or performing tricks.

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Symposium Eggbeater 4 adds. Try doing patterns, such as outside left, inside left, inside right, outside right, or whatever you want to make up. One of the more common games is Red Dot.

Right footbay set- left leg in to out dexterity- two right leg in to out dexterities to a left toe delay. Inspinning Same Side Mirage 3 adds.

Footbag Move List:

Fairy Whirl 4 adds. Pixie Whirl 4 adds. Fun Games for Adults. Double Spin 2 adds. At the same time both extended your legs, and trap it between your feet. Kick the habit with a video tutorial that will teach you how to perform freestyle leg over tricks with a footbag. Then bring the right leg around the bag in a whirling motion. Reverse Whirl 3 adds. From a right clipper delay- set the bag straight up and turn to the right letting the footbag pass behind your back.

Fun Games to Play with Friends. Walk Over 2 adds. Article Info Featured Article Categories: Paradox Blur 4 adds. Fairy Same Side Mirage 3 adds.


Bigwalk Surging Butterfly 5 adds. Scoop the footbag up before it hits the ground with the setting foot which never touches the ground. Flying Outside 1 add. Which Stores Accept Apple Pay? Inspinning Butterfly 4 adds. Complete three degree spins inbetween kicks.

From a right clipper delay- plant the right foot and then hop off it bringing the right foot around the footbag in a whirling motion- ending in a left clipper delay. The mentioned tricks were some of the really easy ones you can try out. Set a clipper delay across your body- bring the setting leg from behind the support leg around the footbag in a Paradox Whirl motion. September Learn how and when to remove this template message.

These stalls are some of the foundation moves for freestyle hacky-sack. Gently drop the sack in front of you. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Pogo Paradox Eggbeater 5 adds. Right clipper set- quick right plant- left leg in to out dexterity.

Footbag How To and Tricks

There are a couple tric,s variants to this one. Assign a value to kicks or rounds of kicks. Keep your feet low; it may seem hard at first, but you skill will undoubtedly increase if you can kick low sacks. From a right clipper set somewhat behind you- turn to the right passing the footbag behind your back and bring the right leg over the footbag from out to in butterfly motion trkcks ever putting the right leg down. For instance, there may be three difficulty rounds followed by three variety rounds, though organizers of different events may revise the structure of the format in different ways.


Omelette Atomic Illusion 3 adds.

Inspinning Paradox Mirage 4 adds. Some variations stipulate that trickks sack must be kicked however many times in a row by an individual before they can attempt a kill.

Quantum Whirl 4 adds. The neck stall is stalling the Hacky Sack on the back of your neck, and the sole stall is stalling it on the sole of your foot, behind your back. Another variation is the knee delay. Using the inside of the foot, in the middle of the shoe, catch the sack with the foot by gently lowering the foot a couple of inches a few centimeters in a cradling motion.

Kick the footbag with the inside surface of the foot with the kicking leg tucked behind the support leg. Symposium Whirling Swirl 5 adds. Set the footbag from a right clipper and do an in to out dexterity with your trkcks leg.

Basically the paradox leg completes a tight sharp ‘S’ shape with the support leg in the first loop and the footbag in the second loop of the letter ‘S’. If you are learn Hacky Sack, this is perhaps the first thing you would be taught.

Sole Kick 1 add. Kick the footbag with the sole of the foot. Pants restrict your movement and provide a surface that increases the likelihood of knocking the sack off its intended path. Surgery Surging Symposium Reverse Whirl 6 adds.