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NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION. LABORATORY TEST PROCEDURE. FOR. FMVSS Compressed Natural Gas. FMVSS ; Compressed natural gas fuel container integrity. ▫ Published September ▫ Set additional life cycle requirements for CNG. A report that recommends specific changes to the FMCSRs, FMVSS , North American Standard Inspection Procedures, and OOS criteria.

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The section you are viewing is cited by the following CFR sections. This final rule is effective on November 9, Burst pressure shall not be less than 2. Each CNG fuel container shall not leak when tested in accordance with S8.

Natural Gas Systems | Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

In another test, position one end of the container so that the fire source is centered 0. This standard specifies requirements for the integrity of compressed natural gas CNGmotor vehicle fuel containers. Position thermocouples so that they are equally spaced over the length of the fire source or length of the container, whichever is shorter.

Initial compliance is required, in accordance with the phase-in schedule, on September 1, This final rule is effective October 24, The performance requirements would ensure that these vehicles provide a sufficient level of survival space to restrained occupants in rollover crashes. This final rule becomes effective September 5, Use a uniform fire source that is 1. Summary This document grants the petition for rulemaking submitted by the Truck Safety Coalition, the Center for Auto Safety, Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, and Road Safe America on February 19,to establish a safety standard to require automatic forward collision avoidance and mitigation systems on certain heavy vehicles.

It will now end on December 10, In all cases, the Agency’s goal fmvs be to ensure the maintenance of currently required levels of safety performance.


This final rule is effective September 27, Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards. In the absence of a requirement that each vehicle have a glass breaking tool, nothing prevents vehicle manufacturers from providing a tool or other means to allow vehicle evacuation during immersion. You should submit comments early enough to ensure that Docket Management receives them not later than July 30, Second, the Agency seeks comments on the use of existing statutory provisions and regulations to allow for the implementation of such a pilot program.

Continued high levels of motorcycle related fatalities, the ongoing use of novelty helmets by motorcyclists and the poor performance of these helmets in tests and crashes have prompted the agency to clarify the status of such helmets under federal law to ensure that all relevant legal requirements are readily enforceable.

A review of incidents involving natural gas commercial vehicles has also been completed based on data from the Master List of Natural Gas Vehicles Incidents maintained by the Department of Energy and from the National Fire Incident Reporting System.

Motor carriers operating such vehicles in interstate commerce would be required to maintain the speed limiting devices for the service life of the vehicle. The comment period for the RFC was originally scheduled to end on March 5, We believe there is widespread conformance of vehicles to the proposed requirements. Hydrostatic pressure means the internal pressure to which a CNG fuel container is taken during testing set forth in S5. The statutory changes went into effect on October 1,retroactively, and require that FMCSA make conforming changes to its regulations to ensure they are current and consistent with the statutory requirements.

Thompson has not identified a safety need to justify making f,vss he requested, and Mr. ArcelorMittal requests this exemption to allow its employee-drivers to work up to 16 hours per day and be allowed to return to work with less than the mandatory 10 consecutive hours off duty.


NHTSA is denying this petition primarily because the requested force level reduction may set strength levels below an acceptable level for a fmfss environment. The agency believes that requiring V2V communication capability in new light vehicles would facilitate the development and introduction of a number of advanced vehicle safety applications.

Optional early compliance is permitted. The focus of this notice is rules that specifically relate to passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers, motorcycles, and motor vehicle equipment.

49 CFR 571.304 – Standard No. 304; Compressed natural gas fuel container integrity.

NHTSA and FMCSA have received requests to extend the comment period for their proposal that would require vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating tmvss more than fmvds, As of March 21,the effective date of the final rule published on December 14, 81 FRdelayed on February 6, 82 FRis further delayed until May 22, A single CNG fuel container is not subjected to more than one bonfire test.

The incorporation by reference of certain publications listed in the proposed rule is approved by the Director of the Federal Register as of May 22, The Agency makes several minor clerical corrections regarding the rear license plate lamp requirements and the periodic inspection requirements for antilock brake systems ABS. Global Automakers petitioned the agency for reconsideration, seeking to correct what it believes is an error in formula for determining the number of designated seating positions in longer seating positions.

NHTSA is still evaluating the Petitioners’ request to improve side guards and front override guards and will issue a separate decision on those aspects of the petition at a later date. Aberizk did not demonstrate how the other features address a motor vehicle safety need.