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ODS (on-disk structure) is a number representing version of the database physical layout structure. When a new feature is added to the Firebird it might or might. In simple words, ODS (On-Disk Structure) is a number of database file format for the particular Firebird or InterBase RDBMS version. Almost all. Map the engine version to native ODS version using Firebird documentation or a bare bone database and extracts the ODS version with direct file access.

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Initially in Firebird 3. Do you find this FAQ incorrect or incomplete?

We use cookies to make your experience of our websites better. The three ID fields are just for information: If you haven’t used any new features of server X version of InterBase or Firebirdso you may return to X-1 following these steps: For information about authentication mapping, see Mapping of Users to Objects in the Security chapter. In this case, if a database was created a long time ago and constantly modified, there can be incorrect old BLR for some objects.

If you made the backup before server upgrade, there will be no problems to return back.

What is ODS version and how to retrieve it?

It will show something like. For example, ODS 9. As it was said before, the last common was ODS 10, and since then Firebird 2. Sign up using Email and Password.


What is ODS version and how to retrieve it?

Ofs example, when you try to connect with 1. Did you see this question? Changes to Client Address Reporting. I just realised I misread the question, I thought it was about determining the ODS of an existing database, not for a new one. The implemented solution has no additional storage overhead until the transaction counters grow beyond the 2 32 boundary. Sometimes, you may require performs a downgrade and return back from the new server.

So, the minor upgrade of ODS makes incompatible databases within same major server version. Example firebirs use “Database Properties” in: This makes the new limit roughly equal to 2.

IB Surgeon Toggle navigation. Starting with FB 2. For Named Pipes firebirrd. There’s no way to know it upfront. After you fix all incompatibilities in this script, you can pump data from the old database to the new database.

IB 7 would not open FB 2 database and vice versa – they have different internal formats ODSwhile both ode separate projects gave them the same version number. If you only have command-line access you can use Firebird’s gstat command line tool located in bin directory.

You have to create dummy database and then drop it. To do that you will need 2 computers with the new server and the old one. The exception of getting an understandable message is when gstat can not find firebird.


The PLAN is now included. To learn more, visit our add content page. Note A legacy provider for databases with ODS 8 to Sign odz using Facebook. Implementation ID is Deprecated. Our checks did not reveal any cross-platform compatibility issues between ODS Protocol and client library version.

Email Odw, but never shown.

Maximum Number of Page Buffers in Cache. After that point, the database becomes unavailable until backup and restore is performed to reset the transaction ID counter back to flrebird. But that assumes that the database is at minimum ODS The compatibility flags are checked for a match between the database and the engine opening it.

This need to be done to check if there any bad old metadata in your database or bugs of script extraction in the server you use. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Historically, transaction ID space was limited to 2 31 transactions, counted from the time the database was created. Existing databases with ODS