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A better title might be The Books of Disquiet. Each entry in this fictional diary of one Bernardo Soares represents an attempt to create a distinct biography. The Book of Disquiet (Penguin Classics) [Fernando Pessoa, RICHARD Zenith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The prizewinning. The Book of Disquiet: The Complete Edition [Fernando Pessoa, Jerónimo Pizarro , Margaret Jull Costa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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I am yet to complete reading Philosophical essays by Pessoa and the poems he wrote by the name of Albert Caeiro, but still I feel privileged to place him on the altar alongside Camus and Beckett.

So he can experience different lives in only one existence.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the dernando prices. I have been all around Europe. Its beauty resides in the quality of writing, which disqiiet be enjoyed by all disquie with a metaphysical bent.

Cioran or Albert Camus. At least this prospect makes it good for a laugh or maybe even a dance. I need to lie down and think for a moment. According to Cunha, who with Jacinto do Prado Coelho and Maria Aliete Galhoz edited the first edition inthere are two authors of the book: We are like children when it comes to living.

Solitude devastates me; company oppresses me. Pessoa manstruates, and the world is alright. Her commitment to efficiency sets her apart, but the reading experience feels somewhat similar.

Those are uses, right? The future, the past, the present. Only in the water of rivers and ponds could he look at his face. View all 37 comments.

Books to give you hope: The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa | Books | The Guardian

Or a man who disguised himself out of boredom and who was able to live more than 70 different and complete lives through all these invented “characters” to become a complete real person? Normally, autobiography is a sign of an immature writer, which Pessoa clearly is not.


I’d turn a page, and there was one of my innermost thoughts, laid out on the page in all its proud solitude. He is not French, not one of the old Russians, not Irish nor English. He left behind a chest full of writing that would be later known to many as The Book of Disquiet. It is the story of his life, which was very little but intellectual. I implore you to read this immortal dixquiet work of genius by Pessoa.

And he dialogues with the readers, but mainly he questions dsiquiet even doubts himself and his own writing: He reminds me a bit of Meursault. The death of feelings should be disquieting at least but in a world where will leads to power, the disquiets are muted.

One of the things I find so impressive about this book is how Pessoa makes it feel so full of life, of knowledge, of wisdom, of beauty, of mystery, despite basically always going back to this one enervating emotion. Well, we are not; that is not an extraordinary epiphany. While his happiness is as painful as [his] pain. But in the case of what is important to Soares or to Pessoaintellectual thought is apparently the only process that sustains his life. Richard Zenith’s translation is truly luminous and he brings rich nuance into the discourse of every line.

It is a kaleidoscope of dreams and reflections, a rumination on what it means pessla be a writer, the terrible weight of being human. Perhaps Johnny Marr could put it to music! The translation is at once penetrating and delicately observant of Pessoa’s astute fernanvo. While it’s true that suffering is not a prerequisite for great art – one must be talented, but diswuiet not required to be unhappy in order to pen a great symphony, or create a masterful sculpture – I wonder if the same holds true for psesoa literature, which is so disquket more a direct expression of the artist’s mind, lacking as it does the interstitial abstraction of other artistic mediums.


The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa | : Books

The book, as we find it, has a limited attention span itself. Soares is a monk of the poetic mind, for whom aloneness is a vocation. Will we ever find the strength enough to face the world? Maldoror could only have been produced by a very young man hiding beneath a very old mask. Nor do we know what parts thereof, if any, he ever intended for publication in some revised format. Proclaiming the uselessness of everything, yet never making the final step. His persona is a posture of isolation through which he begins to know himself.

Even if its incompleteness makes it a failed book, it is still one of the very best. Vicente Guedes in a first phase in the s and 20sand the aforementioned Bernardo Soares late s and 30s.

‘The Book of Disquiet’ Is the Weirdest Autobiography Ever

Thinking perhaps I’d list them here, in my review. Visible and invisible disparities. But everything is imperfect. Lucid Diary My life: Those incomplete novels always seem to be drawing us toward meaning, toward completion, but then stop short, endlessly frustrating our desire for some kind of ending, so the fact that Kafka never managed to finish them is oddly appropriate.

I unroll myself in sentences and paragraphs, I punctuate myself. The Book of Disquiet is a disqueit meditation ferjando were it published today, would come accompanied by trigger warnings for the depressed and anxious.

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