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Fats Waller and His Rhythm – A Handful Of Keys – Music. Fats Waller – Handful of Keys: – Music. Handful Of Keys Lyrics: I like to tinkle on an old piana / I like to play it in a subtle mannah / I get a lot of pleasure / With a spano’ keys / Underneath my finger tips.

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Here is Fats cutting a hot piano solo at the age of 19, daring to play such stuff on the pipe organ a few years later, and incorporating both instruments into kfys ensembles, resulting in some of the toughest records of the entire decade.

Recording Date October 21, – June 24, The inclusion of a piano duet with Benny Payne comes as a surprise, as previous compilers have often seemed to resent the presence of a second pianist, but indeed there is something exciting about hearing Cab Calloway ‘s piano man interacting with Fats.

The Minor Drag Fats Waller. How Can You Face Me.

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Believe It, Beloved J. A Porter’s Love Song to a Chambermaid. Nine examples of Waller and his Rhythm recorded in and round off the album beautifully.

You’ve Been Taking Lessons in Love. A wonderfully selected chronological taste of Fats Waller from his first piano solo up through the glorious ensemble swing of Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Jazz Latin New Age. Smashing Thirds Fats Waller.


A Handful of Keys: 1922-1935

Even more than his piano it was Thomas Waller ‘s voice that made him into a nationally famous recording artist by the middle of the s.

Streams Videos All Posts. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Nearly every side they made in these first hsndful of years as a working unit had this fresh and cheeky quality. I Wish I Were Twins.

Handful of Keys (album)

This allows the listener to follow the growth of young Thomas Waller and to arrive at a greater appreciation of his impact upon the world. For the purposes of this CD, three will do, but there’s plenty more piano solos where these came from, and one can never have enough. Release Date September 2, Hopefully it will inspire some folks to go out and pursue the rest of his recordings, even if they have to purchase them from the French or the Dutch or the Swedes.

One irritating shortcoming of most American reissues has been an apparent reluctance to include more than a thimbleful of Waller ‘s exciting material from the s. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. wwller

Handful of Keys (album) – Wikipedia

All that’s missing is the knuckles ‘n’ know-how piano solo “Blue Black Bottom” ofbut you can’t have everything. On the contrary, Ahndful ‘s recording of “Night Wind” is among the loveliest of his organ performances, and he trundled the instrument out on a regular basis throughout his career, ealler during the year Waller was the first jazz organist, and the inclusion of two organ solos makes this disc all the more valuable, hadful if the liner notes imply that he didn’t record with the organ between the years and Harlem Fuss Fats Waller.


Somebody Stole My Gal. Only three of the piano solos are included, but they illustrate perfectly why all of Waller ‘s piano solos need to be made available and kept in circulation for the rest of time, possibly protected by an act of Congress or a United Nations resolution. As time passed, some of the charm would occasionally fade as producers kept handing Fats ridiculously lousy material.

Ever since the deletion of his entire Bluebird catalog, the European labels have been a great source of consolation for disgruntled admirers of this man’s music.

What you have here then is Waller at his very best. For these are masterpieces worth walelr over and over again.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Waller in or could sometimes sound just a little bit tired of Tin Pan Alley rejects. Introspection Late Night Partying. Muscle Shoals Blues Fats Waller. Nearly half of the sides included here date from before Red Hot Dan Sidney Easton.