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Analyze up to 10 years of full 10K Annual Reports and Quarterly 10Q SEC filings for Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM) using our online tools to quickly. Get SEC filings for Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM), including Annual Report (10k) and Quarterly Report (10Q). Exxon Mobil Corporation was incorporated in the State of New Jersey in Our annual report on Form K, quarterly reports on Form Q, current.

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Development projects typically exxonobil several years from the time of recording proved undeveloped reserves to the start of production. Under certain circumstances, a lease may be held beyond its exploration term even if production has not commenced.

Improved worldwide refining operations and higher gains on asset sales, primarily outside the U. Significant management judgment is required in the accounting for income tax contingencies and tax disputes because the outcomes are often difficult to predict. Environmental Protection Agency has identified ExxonMobil as one of the potentially responsible parties. Production rights granted prior to January 1,remain subject to their existing terms, and differ slightly for onshore and offshore areas.

Asset retirement obligations 3.

Committed to innovation, growth, integration, and efficiency.

Of the proved undeveloped reserves that have been reported for five or more years, over 80 percent are contained in the aforementioned countries. Our proprietary seismic imaging technology helps us see opportunities in the subsurface that others cannot. Phase 1 facilities include an offshore platform, onshore drill site for extended-reach drilling to offshore oil zones, an onshore processing plant, an oil pipeline from Sakhalin Island to the Russian mainland, a mainland terminal and an offshore loading buoy for shipment of oil by tanker.


The second is the Tengizchevroil joint venture which includes a production license in the Tengiz field and the nearby Korolev field.

Although the Corporation issues long-term debt from time to time and has access to short-term liquidity, internally generated funds cover the majority of its financial requirements. On the non-operated Block 17, the Cravo-Lirio-Orquidea-Violeta project was funded inwhile project execution continued at Pazflor.

Although technology is an important contributor to the overall operations and results of our Company, the profitability of each business segment is not dependent on any individual patent, trade secret, trademark, license, franchise or concession.

ExxonMobil Executive Life Insurance and These analyses monitor the performance of assets against corporate objectives. The impact of tax law Carbon black oil and sulfur volumes are excluded.

Exxon Mobil Corp

The Corporation generally sells crude oil, natural gas and petroleum and chemical products under short-term agreements at prevailing market prices. Vice President and Controller. Our audit of internal control The extent to which we manage these factors will impact our performance relative to competition.

The energy and petrochemical industries are highly competitive. The Corporation has not recognized Exxommobil Corporation has continued to purchase shares since this announcement and to report purchased volumes in its quarterly earnings releases.

We are making advantaged investments across our world-class portfolio of businesses. We announced a breakthrough in our research with Synthetic Genomics, Inc.

Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM) 10K Annual Reports & 10Q SEC Filings | Last10K

Accounts payable and accrued liabilities. We have interest in 17 LNG trains around the world, with net interest capacity of 22 million tonnes annually.


All defined-benefit pension obligations, regardless of the funding status of the underlying plans, are fully supported by the financial strength of the Corporation or the respective sponsoring affiliate. Key components of the reserves estimation process include technical evaluations and analysis of well and field performance and a rigorous peer review. Associated costs were included in Crude oil and product purchases.

Exploration and production activities in Indonesia are generally governed by cooperation contracts, usually in the exxonmobol of a production sharing contract, negotiated with BPMIGAS, a government agency established in to manage upstream oil and gas activities. Table of Contents Index to Financial Statements Crude bitumen extracted from oil sands is refined to a marketable hydrocarbon product through a combination of carbon removal in three large, high-temperature, fluid-coking vessels and by hydrogen addition in high-temperature, high-pressure, hydrocracking vessels.

Exxon Mobil Corporation –

Property, plant and equipment, less allowances. Additional exxomobil and advances were ExxonMobil net share millions of barrels 3. Under the new law, the exploration terms for new production sharing contracts are four to five years with a maximum of two one-year extensions, unless the Ministry agrees otherwise. The volumes of crude oil and natural gas liquids NGL production used for this computation are shown in the oil and gas production table in section 3.