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Software communication problems can occur due to a few reasons. Please click on the appropriate troubleshooting guide (link) below for assistance. WT Meter – Digital Psychrometer and Portable Thermometer Hygrometer with LCD Monitor,. Extech RH Precision Dual Display Hygro Thermometer Psychrometer. RH Dual Display Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer. On Sale Extech RH ✅ Engineers on staff. ✅ FAST quotes ✅ We accept POs.

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Extech Product Frequently Asked Questions

Fondriest can ship orders within the 50 United States only. You will receive a confirmation email momentarily. Online pricing is not permitted for this product. Your information will not be stored in our system, and we do not sell or rent your contact information to other parties.

Extech Product FAQ

All items will ship at one time unless you specifically request partial shipment. My meter seems to provide readings that ru490 too high or to low when measuring metal surfaces. Extech has a number of temperature probers including bead wire thermocouples and stick probes to be used in liquids. An additional discount is available for this product. Technical Support has a list of fuses used in our multimeters. Why Buy From Fondriest?

A factory-authorized service center provides fast-turnaround product repair and annual maintenance. Do you carry clamp meters specifically made to measure low r490 The last 2 characters of the model number indicate the output type. Shortly after you place your order, you will receive an Order Acknowledgement email to confirm your order details, including shipping and a delivery estimate. Please note that Fondriest does not permit the return of or offer refunds for the following products: How often should it be calibrated?


Fondriest recommends using a carrier that offers shipment tracking for all returns. Do you have replacement parts for the force gauges? OSHA compliance testing absolutely calls for a meter to be checked for calibration before and after every use. The operations manual for extwch meter will instruct you on how to connect extfch setup your meter to wxtech 3 phase power measurements.

NIST calibrations with data can be purchased for an additional charge for most products.

Extech RH Precision Hygro-Thermometer

You can view the complete specifications of our Clamp Meters online. Rh4990 display on my thermometer reads all “dashes” – How can I correct this?

Do I need to use the reflective tape? View our complete Privacy Policy. The operation manual for your light meter will provide you with the basic information on how to make light measurements with your meter.

Remember that these estimates are for time in transit only, and that they do not apply until the product leaves the Fondriest warehouse. It is meter dependent. Failed Delivery Attempts Most of Fondriest carriers make three attempts to deliver a package. If an object’s surface is highly reflective, apply masking tape or flat black paint to the surface before measuring.

Extech does not have an anemometer that can be used in temperature applications above oF. Please use the following formulas to calculate the area. Please email your request for a calibration procedure to support extech.

The meter would be a Type 2 meter. Many of the fuses used in our meters can be found on-line in stores like Amazon. If a product cannot be shipped immediately, customers are notified by phone or email. The meter can make measurements from a distance, however the accuracy can be affected by multiple factors like light reflections on the target, air temperature and humidity, also the size of the target and how shiny the target is.


After three delivery attempts, the carrier will return the package to Fondriest. How rn490 where can I rh40 my meter calibrated? The estimated delivery time depends on the shipping method you choose during checkout. Please submit your request to our Tech Support extechh by email at support extech.

We do not begin payment processing until Fondriest receives all of the information that is needed and full payment or a full authorization, in the case of credit card or rental orders. The bandwidth measured is A weighting is typically eztech in OSHA compliance and town ordinance applications. Please click on the appropriate troubleshooting guide link below for assistance. The most accurate way to measure low current is by putting a multimeter in series with the circuit. You can view the complete specifications of our light meters online.

Usually ships in weeks. Does my moisture meter read moisture content or does it give me a relative reading? Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.

All Extech products are factory calibrated prior to shipment. Do you have a clamp meter with a Peak Inrush Current feature? Optional AC adaptors are available for some of our thermometers. Check the data sheet for the meter of interest.