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Pour holy water on any of them.”23 The late Victoria Eto considered water spirits were demons, but paradoxically, her Exposition on Water Spirits depicts its. Title: Exposition on water spirits; Author: Eto, Victoria; Formats: Editions: 3; Total Holdings: 5 Exposition on water spiritsby Eto, Victoria, eng, 3, , GR He became part of the spirit world and could travel at will to any part of the globe. Victoria Eto, Exposition on Water Spirits, Warri: Shalom Christian Mission.

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Victorai many lying wonders are performed to deceive their clients. God never intended that spkrits should control His children, rather that the Word of God in the mouth of the Christian should control his circumstances. Satan, in this meeting, gave us the following instructions: This was to destroy the seed of mankind Gen. Some Christians while praying would say: At that, I started preaching to her.

You broke the heads of Leviathan in pieces.

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BoxMapo, Ibadan. My parents were not classified amongst the rich but my dad was privileged to inherit 42 hectares of land from my grandfather, a blessing which has today brought the exposltion misfortune ever recorded in the history of the family. I remembered NINA’s threats, so I stood up in the bus, preached to the passengers and concluded by saying: The Spirit of Jehovah watrr the knowledge of Divine will, counsel and power to make the same known to others. Many kings and presidents of nations like Pharaoh of Egypt in Ex.


Later, they cast the demon out of themselves. If the demon is only rebuked out of a man, he may later come back or enter into anyone around who is not a Christian. The difference isthe devil’s agents are more serious in winning souls than the Expoeition

Drowning Water Spirits: A Spiritual Warfare Intensive

Some live on both land and water while others live in stones and rocks, some in trees and others in all kinds of waters, etc. Satan hates you and has devised various means of taking you to hell with him. She pressed a button and a tray came out with human flesh in pieces in it and we ate together.

To cause distraction of various sorts when the service is on. If Satan makes a promise to you or even gives you a gift, know that it is ill-intentioned. Again the Scriptures clearly declare: A second time again, I woke up and heard some noise vicforia the living room.


Let all the men of war draw near. See also, 1 Cor.

We moved into a city with a lot of people all very busy. A single female having sexual intercourse or even a married one having sex with a man. These sacrifices are for us to come and help cure the man. The Response God Requires of Us.

In that service we were four from the sea and were singing and clapping with them. How did Alice get the little child she slaughtered, you may ask. She did the same and another came out for her and she sat.

Inwardly I knew Spitits was in danger, but how could I escape and where would I escape to?


Binding of demons only takes place when the Christian uses his authority and gives the command. This, if not immediately dealt with, could lead to a miscarriage. The only way we succeed is by making the Christian sin, thereby giving us a loophole to come in.