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Exalted 3rd Edition – This is the tale of a forgotten age before the seas were bent, when the world was flat and floated atop a sea of chaos. I’m very ambivalent about Exalted. If think I’d probably suggest the original Exalted Quickstart, which is fantastic. It has all the setting you. Tools and Game Resources Errata and Clarifications Ex3 developer thread rules compilation.

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Pair that with the Prey’s Skin Technique, you could hunt another Exalt. It’s also slang for other such mega-combos. Which is something my player doesn’t truly realize.

Play Exalted with What?

This is what I play with these days. And the long-awaited 2nd Edition seems to have cleaned up the setting stuff quite a bit, but, from what I read online, hasn’t fixed the mechanics much.

We then migrated to Weapons of the Gods and I have to say, that worked pretty darn well. As far as I know, the other players quicjstart playing a Lunar, a renegade Abyssal, two Dragon-Blooded, and a Solar, but no specifics other than that. The captain was expecting a proposal for an alliance to send to the Queen. Essence recovery was only available by compelling the aspects. Help Contact Us Go to top.


Thanks for the links and the AP! Solars have Shards. I have some lingering concerns whether the high-powered nature of quicjstart game will break the engine, but so far the players seem to really like it. And all that said, I can’t wait til Jonathan W has all his stuff in one place. Anonymous Fri May 20 It looks like you’re new here.

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Once that was figured out, I told them the resistence, they added together their abilities that would make an alliance useful, resources they were willing to provide she wants help in defense against the Realm, or her neighboring allies loyal to the Realmas well as using their Charms and abilities for persuasion and showing off their power.

Any specific charms from out of Kimbery’s charmset I should look at? Information and Summaries Third Edition fan wiki a new but growing compilation of Third Edition content. It occurs to me that I should mention what I want to keep — the high powered characters and the strong flavor of the setting.

Play Exalted with What? – Story Games

Exalted Webcomics An archive of Exalted webcomics both old and new. What caste should my character be? Quickztart did the spell as an auto success, but made him roll to control it.

And the simple contests help give it a feel of broad, powerful action. Exalted is basically a superhero game in different costumes. Forum Software Powered by Vanilla. What are gamism, narrativism, and simulationism?


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I ran it for some folks a few years ago and it was one of my favorite pure-experience Exalted game sessions ever and I’ve run a lot of Exalted with the actual rules. I can quicjstart how Beast Hunters mixed with Lunars wouldn’t require much tweaking – to acquire a new form, they have to dedicate a quickstarf to Luna as it is. I also want to find a way to play up “stunts”.

Charm Cascades a more up to date version of the above with content from Miracles of the Solar Exalted. Really Useful Travel Times Map Click on any two points of this map and it’ll give you an estimate of travel time quiclstart point A and point B, extremely useful if your PCs like to keep moving around. Exalted 3rd edition useful links and topics. But it’s changed a lot since then and we eaxlted playtested it since. On the other hand, I seem to be incapable of creating a character, let alone running a game.