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Evagrius Scholasticus, Ecclesiastical History (AD), translated by E. Walford (). Book 4. THE FOURTH BOOK. CHAPTER I. ACCESSION OF JUSTIN. The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius narrates the history of the church from the start of the Nestorian controversy in until the death of Evagrius’ employer. Evagrius Scholasticus: Christianity: Historical and polemical writing: to was chronicled by Evagrius Scholasticus. The consequences of Chalcedon as.

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Because of regional affiliations Evagrius depicts the emperor in a more sympathetic light, praising his moderate approach to justice and his restraint towards excessive persecution, yet still decrying his heresy and displays of wealth.

In consequence, his holy body is transported to Antioch, with a public festival and procession, and is honoured with a place in the cemetery, having, by its translation, stopped the plague which was then visiting the place.

Euphemia of Chalcedon II, 3. Two years after the capture of Antioch by the Persians, a pestilence broke out, in some respects similar to that described by Thucydides, in others widely different. Afterwards, retiring voluntarily from Antioch, he went the way of all flesh by dvagrius natural death. To this, he proceeded to compel evagriuz bishops in all quarters to give their assent. Some say that Vitalian, scholastius still appeared to be in the highest favour with Justin, demanded the tongue of Severus, because he had reproached him in his discourses.

The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus : Michael Whitby :

After Theodoric, as I have already detailed, had captured Rome and utterly destroyed its king Odoacer, and had closed his life in possession of the Roman sovereignty, his wife Amalasuntha held the reins sscholasticus government, as guardian of their common son Scholasticuz a woman rather of a masculine temperament, and administering affairs accordingly.

A portion of it is expressed in the following terms: This John, the Chuzibite, having heard that the wife of Arcesilaus had lost one of her eyes by a stroke of a spindle, runs immediately to her to see the accident; and when he finds that the pupil is gone and the eye altogether lacerated, he commands one of the physicians in attendance to bring a sponge, and, having replaced as well as he could the lacerated parts, to apply and secure the sponge with bandages.

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IN these times flourished and became illustrious Simeon, of holy and famous memory, who originated the contrivance of stationing himself on the top of a column, thereby occupying a spot scholastcius scarce two cubits in circumference. Besides, all parties agree in a confession which embraces the essential points; for a Trinity is the single object of our worship, and unity the complex one of our glorification, and the Word, who is God begotten before the worlds, and became flesh by a second birth in mercy to the creature: In fact, there had been left behind not any treasure of gold or silver, but one of more valuable material, and irrevocably devoted to God, namely, the holy relics of the victorious martyr Sergius, lying in a coffin of the oblong sort, plated over with silver.


Evagrius Scholasticus, Ecclesiastical History (AD), translated by E. Walford (). Book 1

As might be expected from an author of that period, his style is frequently affected and redundant. For in his retirement he did not evagriuus from his peculiar blasphemy; so that John, the president of the church of Antioch, was led to report the circumstance, and Nestorius was, in consequence, condemned to perpetual banishment. HE also feelingly details the incursion of the before-named Alamundarus and Azarethus into the Roman territory; and how Belisarius, compelled by his own troops, engaged schilasticus in their retreat by the Euphrates, on the eve of Easter day; and how the Roman army was destroyed through their repugnance to the measures of Belisarius; and how Rufinus and Hermogenes made with the Persians the peace called the perpetual peace.

The Vandals, encamping at the close of the first day, introduced their horses and other beasts into the temples of the Christians, and abstained from no species of outrage, but gave way to their usual license; and beating and severely scourging the priests whom they happened to seize, bid them wait upon them. To such a degree did he waste his flesh by severe discipline, and feed his soul by elevating doctrine, as to pursue upon earth the life of angels, and be ever a living monument of monastic life and contemplation of God.

This man, endeavouring to realise in the flesh the existence of the heavenly hosts, 25 lifts himself above the concerns of scholasyicus, and, overpowering the downward tendency of man’s nature, is intent upon things above: He also addressed to the Antiochenes a valedictory discourse, on hearing that Justinian intended to banish him; a discourse deserving admiration for its elegance, its flow of thought, the abundance of sacred texts, and the appropriateness of its historical matters.

It schollasticus an old custom in the imperial city, that, when there remains over a considerable quantity of the holy fragments of the immaculate body of Christ our God, boys of tender age should be fetched from among those who attend the schools, to eat them.

Several fountains became dry, and, on the other hand, large bodies of water were formed on the surface, where none existed before: He also so far quelled the insolence of the Persians, whose sovereign at that time was Isdigerdes, the father of Vararanes, or, as Socrates thinks, Vararanes himself, as to reduce them to solicit peace; which was granted, and lasted till the twelfth year of the reign of Anastasius.

Evagrius furnishes details concerning events and personsand does not neglect works of art St. On occasion of his visiting Antioch, for the purpose of receiving the yearly stipend for the support of his monastery, which had been assigned from the revenues of the church in scholasticue place, Anastasius, the steward of the church, struck him on the head with his hand, because he frequently troubled him.

The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus

IN his time arose the stir about the impious Eutyches, when a partial synod was assembled at Constantinople, and a written charge was preferred by Eusebius, bishop of Dorylaeum, who, while still practising as a rhetorician, was the first to expose the blasphemy of Nestorius. If, however, this should excite your indignation, continue to deal with me as before, according to your pleasure; since no words schoalsticus prevail over your will.

Ecclesiastical historian and last of the continuators of Eusebius of Caesareab. When, however, notwithstanding a promise given on the preceding day, that he would present himself if schollasticus were occasion, he did not appear, though thrice summoned, the assembly proceeded to the investigation of the matter.


There hasten to Ephesus Juvenalis, bishop of Jerusalem, who was present at the former council, with a great number of associate priests, and with him also Domnus, the successor of John at Antioch: Zosimas follows into the wood, reaches the place where the lion was, satiated with his meal upon the beast, and smiling says, “Come, my friend; my journey is interrupted, since I am heavy and far advanced in years, and not able to carry on my back the ass’s load.

The fifth head contains the blasphemous expressions uttered by private individuals belonging to what is called sscholasticus New Laura, as follows. I NOW proceed to relate what occurred in Italy; events which have also been treated very distinctly by Procopius, the Rhetorician, down to his own times.

When Theodosius had subsequently, or, as some think, before Eudocia, departed the sovereignty which he had administered for eight and thirty years, the most excellent Marcian is invested with the empire of ebagrius Romans.

We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. When Nestorius impugns the integrity scholastcius the acts of the council of Ephesus, and refers them to subtle designs and lawless innovation on the part of Cyril, I should be most ready thus to reply: He followed the profession of advocate at Antioch hence his surname and became the friend of the Patriarch Gregorywhom he successfully defended in presence evaggrius the Emperor Maurice and of the Council at Constantinople I will, however, detail the particulars.

Some cities were so severely afflicted as to be altogether depopulated, though in other places the visitation was less violent.

Thus, at the time when John, named also Catelinus, was bishop of the elder Rome, after Vigilius; John from Seremis, of New Rome; Apollinaris, of Alexandria; Anastasius, of Theopolis, after Domninus; and Macarius, of Sholasticus, had been restored to his see; Justinian, after he had anathematized Origen, Didymus, and Evagrius, issued what the Latins call an Edict, after the deposition of Eustochius, in which he termed the body of the Lord incorruptible and incapable of the natural and blameless passions; affirming that the Lord ate before his passion in the same manner as after his resurrection, his scholasticuz body having undergone no conversion or change from the time of its actual formation in the womb, not evagriius in respect of the voluntary and natural passions, nor yet after the resurrection.

PROCOPIUS also records, that the Abasgi, having become more civilised, embraced the Christian scholastcius about the same time, and that Justinian sent to them one of the eunuchs of the palace, their countryman, by name Euphratas, with an interdict, that henceforward no one in that nation should undergo emasculation in violation of nature; for from among them the imperial chamberlains were principally appointed, whom usage styles eunuchs.

When he too had gone the way of all mankind, Flavian succeeds to the see. Nevertheless he afterwards arrived there; and has written to the effect evagriys when he came thither and had conversed with Anthimus, and found him holding the same sentiments with himself, and the same opinions with respect to the Godhead, he persuaded him to withdraw from his see.