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Etheric Double has 60 ratings and 7 reviews. Ron said: This is series of 5 books edited by Colonel Arthur E. Powell. He very methodically combined inform. The Etheric Double has 2 ratings and 0 reviews. First published in This is first in the series of five books by the same author. This classic text. Powell for his orderly presentation of statements and ideas current in the ; time . It is important to notice that the dense body and the Etheric Double vary.

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For the chemist a whole fresh world would come under observation, and he could deal with ethers as he now deals with liquids or gases. Its predominant colour is a curious blending of doublee shades of red, though there is also a great deal of green in it.

Poweol are only two ways in which this deterioration or destruction may be brought about, according to the type of person concerned and the proportion of the constituents in his etheric and astral bodies. By long and determined effort the orange-red ray can be deflected upwards to the brain, where all three constituents undergo a profound modification.

These rose-coloured atoms are the original atoms which first drew round them the six others to form the globule. At death the double finally withdraws from the dense body and may be seen as a violet mist, gradually condensing into a figure which is the counterpart of the expiring person and attached to the dense body by a glistening thread. The Inner Aura does not alter in shape or size to any great extent, but it changes considerably in texture.

The seat of Kundalini, the Serpent-Fire, ethedic in the base of the spine centre. The development of the spleen centre enables the man to remember his astral journeys, though sometimes only very partially, the faculty associated with the corresponding astral centre being that of travelling consciously in the astral body.

The Etheric Double being in exceedingly close relationship with the nervous system, any action on one of them reacts speedily on the other. Probably the closest approach has been in studies of ectoplasm, which seems to be the temporary and abnormal condition of a plastic and extrudable component of the human body that becomes amenable to test only when it has been made external and densified into tangible form by the special and unconsciously exercised psychic abilities eheric certain rare people.


Through the top of the head pass the atoms from the dark blue and violet rays. It happens frequently in the natural sciences of the physical world for which our ordinary language and mathematical symbology are expressly designed.

The method is to transfer impressions from the etheric matter of the retina direct to the etheric brain: Sinnett gives a curious case of a lady who was cured of chronic rheumatism and then went to live in a part of Europe other than that in which the mesmeric operator resided.

Ethreic men become satyrs, monsters of depravity, being at the mercy of a force out of all proportion to the human power of resistance.

Etheric Double: The Health Aura of Man

Of interest to healers, body workers, and all students of esoteric lore, Powell’s discussion of the anatomy of the subtle body, its energy centers, and functions is perceptive and comprehensive.

This will be dealt with in a later chapter: A very remarkable and important effect can be produced by a person who persistently refuses to yield to the lower nature.

This book shows you how. Such Rays are formed more easily between points than between surfaces. The etheric aura, however, or health Aura as it is frequently called, projects normally several inches beyond the skin: Ashwini is currently reading it Dec 11, The entities posing or accepted as tribal deities, for whom blood sacrifices are made, or food, preferably of flesh, is burnt, are very low-grade creatures, possessing etheric bodies, for it is only through etheric bodies that they can absorb physical fumes and derive either nourishment or pleasure from them.

In the mineral, astral matter is so little active that there is no perceptible working from the astral to the physical. Although the elemental in charge of the body from the first, the Ego only comes into contact with his future habitation later, some time before physical birth.

It is usually of a uniform width of 2 to 4 inches throughout, though sometimes slightly narrower down the limbs, and follows the contours of the body. Steiner considered the etheric reality or life principle as quite distinct from the physical material reality, being intermediate between the physical world and the astral or soul world.

The Etheric Double

On the selection made by the building elemental depends, for example, whether the body will be naturally clever or stupid, placid or irritable, energetic or lethargic, sensitive or unresponsive. Fineness and transparency may be considered indications of a higher type of aura.


The student will recollect that N Rays are given off by animals, flowers ettheric metals, but that all alike, when under the influence of chloroform, cease to emit them.

The second function is to bring down into the physical consciousness whatever may be the quality inherent in the corresponding astral centre. Ambition, for example, in the mental body is very readily aroused and grows to an inordinate degree. Mesmerism purely for curative purposes, by those who understand what they are doing and dounle be trusted not to abuse their powers, has much to be said for it; but mesmerism for other purposes is doubld not advisable.

The chakrams or centres, therefore, cannot be described as organs of sense in the ordinary sense of that term, though they do convey the powers of sense to the astral body. Such amusements as rowing for example, or swimming, especially in the sea, are of especial value, for the reasons named. It receives the violet-blue ray from the spleen chakram. A somewhat similar process takes doubel when a dead drunkard, hovering about a gin-shop, draws round himself a veil of etheric matter, in order that he may absorb the odour of the alcohol for which he craves.


The Etheric Double – A. E. Powell – Google Books

Published January 1st by Quest Books first published Hysterical and ill-regulated psychism is due to the small development of the brain and the ethsric of the sympathetic system, the large nucleated ganglionic cells in this system containing a very large proportion of etheric matter, and thus being easily affected by the coarser astral vibrations.

It may also do permanent injury to vehicles higher than the physical. Anand Sane rated it really liked it Jul 09, Kilner concludes 1 that the Outer Aura is most probably derived from the Inner; and 2 that the two Auras are most probably not the product of one and the same force.

I will add below an eloquent quote from the ending of the book: