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Estidama is the sustainability initiative of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. It runs a Pearl Rating Systems (PRS) that deals specifically with the built environment and its. The aim of the Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS) is to promote the development of sustainable buildings and improve quality of life. Achievement of a. While all new projects must obtain at least a basic Pearl 1 rating, according to the Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS), the Premier Inn Hotel will achieve Pearl.

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Performance-Based Reward System various applications; various locations. Estidama Pearl rating building and community exams combined is no longer available for back to back scheduling.

Estidama Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS), – Carrots & Sticks

Louvre Abu Dhabi gets green award. It is possible that the first PQPs will be notified in Jan Link to Estidama home page click here If you have questions for Estidama please email prs. Both are computerized multiple choice exams with 40 questions. Zayed National Museum gets three pearl design rating certificate.

Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS)- Emirates

You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. The office is open Monday – Friday, 9: The PRS requires accountability of the operational phase of a development to verify performance.


Estidama is an aspiration – a manifestation of visionary governance that puts emphasis on carefully and responsibly managed development. Appointment scheduling, cancellations or general testing information. The Masdar and Irena headquarters aims for a four-pearl certification under the Estidama Pearl Building Rating Systemone of the strictest energy efficiency and sustainability standards in the world.

References in periodicals archive? The Pearl Rating System PRS is a framework for sustainable design, construction and bprs of communities, buildings and villas. The first candidates to take the exam will be part of the beta testing and will not receive their exam scores until the exam analysis is complete.

GreenEmirates – Estidama Pearl Building Rating System in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi school awarded green certificate. If you wish to take both exams, you’ll need to schedule them separately. The ultimate goal of Estidama is to preserve and enrich Abu Dhabi’s physical and cultural identity, while creating an ever improved quality of life for its residents.

The programme pgrs rated 33 different building typologies under the Pearl Building Etsidama System PBRS including hospitals, laboratories, data centres and industrial facilities.


Smart grids to achieve Abu Dhabi’s energy objectives.

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The PRS is unique in the world as it is specifically tailored to the hot climate and arid environment of Abu Dhabi. It is part of the Estidama program, a government wide collaborative initiative to improve the lives of all citizens living in the Emirate.

The Masdar and Irena headquarters aims for a four-pearl certification under the Estidama Pearl Building Rating Systemone of the most stringent energy efficiency and sustainability standards in the world. There is a section in the Pearl Building Rating System which focuses on the energy efficiency of buildings in which the industry-wide thermal insulation standard can be included as one of the requirements to achieve a 1 Pearl Rating.

Abu Dhabi green buildings to improve environment and health.

Two different exams are available. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Eastern Time; closed on local holidays. Masdar awards contract for headquarters.