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Ebul Manucehr Camii/Arpaçay/Kars/// Şeddadiler zamanında inşa edilen ve Türkiye sınırları içerisindeki ilk camii dir. ‘de kurulmuştur. Kars ilinin Arpaçay . Yüzyılda Kars ve Ermeni Dini Mimarisi/Kars and Armenian Religious Architecture in the 10th century. Güner Sagir. Uploaded by. Güner Sagir. Loading Preview. ermeni mimarisi. 6 likes. Interest. ermeni mimarisi. Interest. 6 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started. Sign Up. It’s free.

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My previous exhibitions have focused on different archives. Bu mezarda biraz kimsesizlik de var. They introduce their culture to visitors and guests.

Kilise ve Manastır

Peace and prosperity prevailed in the region where Kars is situated during the 10th century and early 11th century. It is possible to discover certain history of Istanbul as Cemetery of Architects proposes to open up to discussion the buildings of the period, some of which are destroyed within plans of urban transformation.

The main colors in carpets are red, dark ,imarisi light green, beige, light blue, black and yellow. Charles Texier who ermdni the region in the second half of 19th century states that there are summer houses of Armenians and Greeks in the region.

The cemetery stones, which have signatures of the architecture of Istanbul, are reflecting how Istanbul was living with a multi-cultural aspect. Volume 9 Issue 10 Sayfa: Sille had gained an incredible importance afterwhen Seljuks captured Konya and made it the capital city. Plague outbreak which happened in Konya in was one of these disasters. Clothes for special events for women are very smart and have a lot of momarisi. During the Renaissance, architects came to prominence with their individual biographies.

They included 11, mineralogy and geology pieces, 2, plants, around 5, insects and around 2, other animals, together with rare books Abdullah Bey brought from Vienna. Many places like Ak Monastery were being visited not only by Christians but also by Muslims with full of respect.


Sille is one of the unique centers which has great cultural assets since the earlier periods of history. Konya is one of the most important centers of this art in Anatolia. A goat with seven legs was born in Cyprus and there are letters about its transfer to the Istanbul Natural History Museum.

The story of mimaisi woman who has had a sad end is recreated through this performance video in the form of a lost legend of Istanbul history. The era that the exhibition is focusing is the last quarter of 19th century. Anahtar Kelimeler Ermeni, Taylar, Kilise, Kars, Mimari, Tarih Abstract Some of the settlements located within the boundaries of the current Province of Kars had become the capital of the Armenian Kingdoms that existed in Eastern Anatolia in the medieval period as vassals of great empires of that time.

Abstract Some of the settlements located within the boundaries of the current Province of Kars had become the capital of the Armenian Kingdoms that existed in Eastern Anatolia in the medieval period as vassals of great empires of that time.

InAbdullah Bey — who converted to Islam and changed his name ermrni his own will — started to gather a srmeni collection using his worldwide connections. Ephesus had lost its importance, the capital of Byzantine, Istanbul had gained importance.

Clew is being used in slip knot, while cotton is being used in warp knot. However, the result is satisfactory when looked at through the aspects of archiving and history. Volume 9 Issue The purpose of this article is to introduce the Taylar Church within the Armenian architecture and to discuss its problems like identity and dating, by means of collected material through research on previous written sources as well as through the architectural data gathered during our field survey.

I have always been interested in the shared history of artists ermrni naturalists. Ioannes Kinnamos specifies that Byzantine Army had burned down the suburbs of Konya.


Sille was connected to Selcuklu District with its two neighborhoods in Sille is unique with its history, architecture and traditions, but also spectacular handicrafts are being produced here.

Jar, jug, flower pot, tile, brick and tandoor are some of the products manufactured in the factories called Karhane profit ermdni. Travellers who visited Sille in 19th century, had also visited rug and carpet factories. What constitutes the identity of an architect in the public sphere ermeeni individuals?

Mimarlık stilinin zaman yolu

Besides the carpets on the ground, prayer rugs, wall rugs and saddle blankets are also being producted mimariisi Sille. Clothes differ in use, some of them are for daily life and some of them are only for special events. Today, Sille is an important cultural and tourism center of Konya.

Only one artisan is going on manufacturing jugs in Sille and the unique earthenwares with their original forms and decorations are waiting for their visitors. This type is a single mimaarisi partitioned into three sections with a dome over the central section. Crusaders had arrived to the region and after a while they had occupied Konya and Sille.

In addition to the cultural assets it have, we must also mention about its traditions.

Kars Turkey

Many scientists were interested in Sille since 19th century. It was attacked by Arabs between 7th and 10th centuries A.

Using my own humble interest in natural history, I started to produce artworks. Aya Elenia Church points us clearly that Sille was over this route. In the same century, Saint Paul had to visit Sille on his way to Konya.