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Veja grátis o arquivo endocardite bacteriana enviado para a disciplina de Anatomo-fisiologia em Odontologia Categoria: Trabalhos – 3 – Devido à baixa incidência da endocardite bacteriana, previmos que haveria poucos ou odontológico em pessoas de alto risco para endocardite bacteriana . endocardite bacteriana odontologia pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for endocardite bacteriana odontologia pdf. Will be grateful.

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Does prophylaxis prevent post dental infective endocarditis?

Currently, there are no data that indicate greater cross reactions in individuals with a history of anaphylaxis or immediate reaction to penicillin. Antibiotics may prevent infectious endocarditisbut they cannot avoid bacteremia.

Antibiotic endcoardite for dental extractions. Patients with bad buccal health, abscessed radicular structures, and gingivitis, offer a perfect entrance for microorganisms to the blood stream.

endocardite bacteriana odontologia pdf – PDF Files

Bacteremias in dentistry — antibiotic prophylaxis. The data were tabulated and presented as descriptive statistics showing the mean values, standard deviations and frequencies Excel, Microsoft.

Inthe American Heart Association revised the recommendation, modifying it Chart 1. Oral amoxicilin as prophylaxis for endocarditis: Como citar este artigo.


The evaluated hospitalized patients needed several types of heart surgery and the majority was odontokogia for heart valve repair, which is known to increase the risk for IE when antibiotic prophylaxis is not given 5,8. InDajani [5] ratified the alteration in the protocol of before mentioning clindamycin as odonto,ogia alternative prophylactic antibiotic for patients with hypersensitivity to penicillin, but they also suggest two late generation macrolides as an alternative.


Erythromycin was completely eliminated as a recommendation for allergic patient because of the provoked gastro-intestinal upset and pharmacokinetic variations. The care of a cardiac patient requires planning, so that complications and risks can be avoided during the treatment.

However, remote access to EBSCO’s databases from non-subscribing institutions is not allowed if the purpose of the use is for commercial gain through cost reduction or avoidance for a non-subscribing institution.

Subacute bacterial- endocarditis following the extraction of teeth. Another important precaution is to check the use of anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents, which can lead to excessive bleeding during surgical procedures.

Clique aqui para ver o cartaz ilustrativo. Care protocols must be followed, such as effective communication between the dental and the cardiology team, history taking based on disease severity and patient adherence to encocardite follow-up, vital signs check, appointment length, correct choice of anesthetic and dosage within safety limits This result is confirmed by studies reporting prevalence of men diagnosed with heart disease however the literature suggests that women older than 45 year after menopause may have greater cardiovascular risks This abstract may be abridged.

Most of the times, the own organic defenses rndocardite the process. According to Sonis et al. The degree of baxteriana of the teeth that needed invasive approaches was measured by the Invasive Needs Index INI 25, which is classified into types treatments, according to the potential risk of infectious foci: Patients were selected based on a convenience sample, exclusion criteria was due to clinical research and those who have not shown interest in participating.


Its etiopathogeny consists of a combination of osontologia and two other factors: Segundo Sonis et al.

endocardite bacteriana odontologia pdf

Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Correct preventive use of antibiotics demands great pharmacological knowledge of the drugs that will be used, because if correctly used these drugs will ldontologia effective, but if not, there can be a increase in the patient’s morbid enodcardite, without any benefit.

Howe [23] advocated that the total prevention of infectious endocarditis, associated with dental procedures is an impossibility. The prophylactic use of antibiotics avoids its presurgical use, before the occurrence of bacteremia. Dental health professionals must then be familiar with their patient’s medical history, type of heart disease and its severity, drug interactions and their cardiovascular repercussions Pain of dental origin.

Am J Med Sci.

Bacteremias em Odontologia – profilaxia antibiótica

Changing pattern of infective endocarditis. Antibiotic prophylaxis in dentistry: It seems of low probability that bacteremia after oral surgery or other dental procedure can be totally avoided by antibiotic prophylaxis1.

Valvuloplasty surgery was the most prevalent among the reasons for hospitalization. It is crucial that the dental approach to cardiac patients at the undergraduate Dentistry courses is taught so as as to promote continued education in both public and private health sectors, ensuring adequate knowledge on heart disease and Dentistry for safe patient care