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IN undertaking this new edition of lHonsiellr De Vattel’s treatise, it was not my the law of nature, the law of nations, and the civil law, are well known. ” The law. Cambridge Core – Political Theory – The Law of Nations – by Emmerich de Vattel / edited by Joseph Chitty. The great eighteenth-century theorist of international law Emer de Vattel (– ) was a key figure in sustaining the practical and theoretical influence of.

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The nature of sovereignty, and the welfare of the state, will not permit citizens to oppose a prince whenever his commands appear to them unjust or prejudicial.

The present edition includes new footnotes, elucidating dates, events, works, and emmerrich referred to by Vattel. Even if his decision should be more favourable than I have any reason to expect, I lay no claim to praise for my humble efforts, but shall esteem myself very fortunate if I escape the severity of censure for presenting the work to the public in a state still so far short of perfection.

The manner in which a prince obtains his dignity has nothing to do with determining its nature. It may reform the government. Here again a very important question presents itself.

We see too many base and ambitious souls, for whom the state of a rich and decorated slave has more charms than that of a modest and virtuous citizen.

The nation owes natjons to itself, since the loss even of one of its members weakens it, and is injurious to its preservation. The treatise of the philosopher of Hall[[e]] on the law of nations is dependent on all those of the same author on philosophy and the law of nature.

Emer de Vattel

In the yearthey decided between a great number vaftel competitors, and their decision in favour of the king of Prussia was acknowledged oc all Europe in the treaty of Utrecht. The cultivation of the soil causes it to produce an infinite increase; it forms the surest resource and the most solid fund of riches and commerce, for a nation that enjoys a happy climate.

Thus we see that Peter I. Exile and banishment ibid. The king of Prussia is sovereign prince of Neufchatel in Switzerland, without that principality being in any manner united to his other dominions; so that the people of Neufchatel, in virtue of their franchises, may serve a foreign power at war with the king of Prussia, provided that the war be not on account of that principality.

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The parliament incessantly attends to these important affairs, in which neither care nor expense is spared. Since then the perfection of the society is what enables it to secure equally the happiness of the body and that of the members, the grand object of the engagements and duties of a citizen is to aim at this perfection, This is more particularly the duty of the body collective in all their common deliberations, and in every thing they do as a body.

In Mariana’s work, above quoted, I find chap.

If—setting out with the idea that political societies or nations live, with respect to each other, in a reciprocal independence, in the state of nature, and that, as political bodies, they are subject to the natural law—Grotius had moreover considered that the law must Edition: The ability of those who have the direction of it, consists in making that balance turn in favour of the nation.

Persuaded that nations or sovereign powers are subject to the authority of the law of nature, the observance of which he so frequently recommends to them,—that learned man, in fact, acknowledged a natural law of nations, which he somewhere calls the internal law of nations: A nation therefore ought to prevent, and carefully to avoid, whatever may hinder its perfection and that of the state, or retard the progress either of the one or the other.

The princes and the city of Neufchatel established, in emmericb, the canton of Berne perpetual judge and arbitrator of their disputes. Dec 24, See Article History. We shall not here enter into the particulars; this subject belonging to the public universal law ; 1 for the object of the present work, it is sufficient to establish the general emmmerich necessary for the decision of those disputes lwa may arise between nations.

In short, all these affairs being solely a national concern, no foreign power has a right to interfere in them, nor ought to intermeddle with them otherwise than by its good offices unless requested to do it, or induced by particular reasons. These duties give it rights, that serve as a rule emmeruch establish what it may require from other dw, and reciprocally what others may require from it.

Interpretation founded on the connection of the discourse ib Interpretation drawn from the connection vttel relation of the things themselves. Sic Petro rege ob immanitatem dejecto publice, Henricus ejus frater, quamvis ex impari matre, regnum obtinuit.


A political society is natiosn moral person prelim. All those treatises, therefore, in which the law of nations is blended and confounded with the ordinary law of nature, are incapable of conveying a distinct idea or a substantial knowledge of the sacred law of nations. When a custom or usage is generally established, either between all the civilised nations in the world, or only between those of a certain continent, as of Europe, for example, or between those who have a more frequent intercourse with vatttel other,—if that custom is in its own nature in- Edition: The universal society of the human race being an institution of nature herself, gattel is to say, a necessary consequence of the nature of man,—all men, in whatever stations they are placed, are bound to cultivate it, and to discharge its duties.

Emer de Vattel – Wikipedia

This work was his claim to fame and won him enough prestige to be appointed as a councilor to the court of Frederick Augustus II of Saxony. If she makes an ill use of her liberty, she is guilty of a breach of duty; but other nations are bound to acquiesce ,aw her conduct, since they have no right to dictate to her.

It is evident that men form a political society, and submit to laws, solely for their own advantage and safety. He is intrusted with the obligations of the nation, and invested with its rights.

Jane, the only daughter of Henry IV. Since, therefore, na- Edition: Retrieved 13 April — via Internet Archive. Was it not with this view that every citizen divested himself of his rights, and resigned his liberty? When, therefore, a people confer the sovereignty on any one person, they invest him with their understanding and will, and make over to him their obligations and rights, so far as relates to the administration of the state, and to the exercise of the public authority.

The end or object of civil society is to procure for the citizens whatever they stand in need of, for the necessities, the conveniences, the accommodation of life, and, in general, whatever constitutes happiness,—with the peaceful possession of property, a method of obtaining justice with security, and, finally a mutual defence against all external violence.