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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Emma Holly reads and re-reads a wide variety of authors, including Nick Hornby, Sharon Shinn, and Christine Feehan. Emma Holly’s *Fairyville *, reviewed & recommended women’s fiction. Sexy, contemporary fun from the USA Today bestselling author of All U Can Eat. Meet Zoe Clare, a medium who has no trouble communicating with the dead.

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She has been able to see them since she was a kid. Will definitely be reading more from this author. May 04, Mitzi rated it really liked it Shelves: The setup hoply a UF version of a cheesy porn flick. Alex comes back into town and not having gotten over Zoe himself, finally fulfills his wish. Failing to see the distinction, she wrenched her hand out from under his.

A- Sensuality Burning Book Type: As a teen, Zoe dated Alex, who broke her heart and left town he’s a sex addict and cheated on her with a man. The men were crying or fighting tears about half the book and it was just to sensitive for me.

Fairyville has lame world building, lots of hand wringing by two of the three heroes, and an amazingly forgiving heroine. What can I say, emmz and lots of sex, Male female sex, guy on guy action, guy on girl on guy action Unfortunately, she was too busy fighting memories.

I wouldn’t get the next one He angled it to suit his pleasure, while his second hand crushed her left butt cheek. She had to touch him, had to feel his skin against her palms.

Fairyville by Emma Holly | : Books

The book Fairyville follows two couples as they try to get to the bottom of the swapped-children mystery while learning about themselves and each other.


Erotic and sexy I enjoyed the two men fighting for Zoe. The story is okay too but having now read it, the part I remember mostly is the amazing sex scenes. Everyone thinks she is a crazy one growing up.

She did cry then, horrible, sniffly sobs that had her gasping into the tissue Mrs. It wasn’t that I totally hated them, I didn’t.

Yeah I know it is an erotica but still it had the potential to be an off the wall paranormal. I really liked the alternate world created in this story with the fey both large and small and the psychic abilities.

Fairyville Series

She mopped the last of her crying jag from her nose. Zoe has no trouble communicating with the dead—or with real live fairies, for that matter! The story and characters were ok, but I wasn’t drawn to them the way I would have liked. It does have a primitive form of consciousness, you know. The other side of Fairy wasn’t even touched on.

Somehow Fairyville set me on a rollercoaster between thinking that the plot was simple and not very exciting honestly the supposed mighty Fairy Queen was really fast falling off her throne and Magnus problem was miraculously solved rather casually and wallowing in the depth of the emotions the characters felt and had to go through to untangle their own unresolved feelings for each other.

She shoved her tangle of long black curls away from her face. Get your name better known. So when the man who broke her teenage heart drives back into town, she isn’t adverse to some sexual healing. Website of the author: She’s tired of his erotic antics with every woman in town but her. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

To make things worst, once a month, she’d hear stories of hilly bedmates and the raunching time they’d shared. Zoe Clare is a medium that has a small shop where she helps people get in touch with their loved ones.


Emma Holly is just a pleasure to read. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Left to itself, her hair had a tendency to devolve into a long black snarl. He loved her for who cairyville was She wondered who his partner fairyvile been this time.

Wacky, Tinkerbelle style fairies, a psychic that talks to dead people, old lovers, new lovers, [sometimes both at the same time: This was, after all, a mainstream sort of weirdness. When her high school flame and his partner show up in Fairyville to investigate a mother’s strange claim that her five-year-old son can’t be her flesh and blood, things get even more complicated.

No wonder women dropped like ripe cherries around this man. Faityville had a constant low simmer instead of burning heat for this story. No trivia or quizzes yet. Magnus in order to protect Zoe from himself and his mother refuses to have full on intercourse with her.

There are a number of detailed scenes and a Holy Cow. It was definitely hard to tell who the romance was between- it seemed to keep changing. There were some funny phrases that made me holoy when it probably shouldn’t have, lol. Alex, Zoe’s high school sweetheart whom she loved and had not consummated their relationship while in H.

The faded patches in the denim, where his cock and balls habitually rubbed, pointed out how very well hung he was.