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An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of internationally beloved teacher Elisabeth Haich and her lucid memories of initiation into. Elisabeth Haich. INITIATION. AUTHOR’S NOTE. It is far from my intentions to want to provide a historical picture of Egypt. A person who is living in any given. Initiation [Elisabeth Haich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of.

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This stage of work cannot be considered completed until the Unity with the Creator becomes a natural state.

Where did Socrates get this knowledge? After all, I jumped to throw my arms around her neck just like pins did with the magnet. Yes, in the Absolute there haic the subtlest Part — the United Primordial Consciousness, the Creator — and there is also the dense part — the matter.

Elisabeth Haich

I wanted to transmit this knowledge in a simple language, understandable to many. Sex Energy and Yoga 4.

Much of it sounds hackneyed and improbable, but once you get past that, the knowledge she conveys is rich and fascinating — yet another packaging of the same universal truths told and retold the world over: It didn’t explain anything.

Dec 09, Emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: Why should she be allowed, again and again, to do things I was not allowed to do, just because she was three years older? And, if the manifestation, i.

This book is unforgettable. At other times, too, I liked to be near her; I always liked the scent about her, and I always found I was in perfect elisabteh in her presence.


Because I was leisabeth washed, I was permitted to stroke its little fist. Oh, it was awful when they hit the wrong notes—it hurt my ears so much I wanted to scream—and they didn’t even notice it! I could list several “untruths” that stood out to me, but it isn’t important. I was very pleased to have picked such an opportune moment!


Fairy Tales of Grandpa Vanya. Beloved sea, always the same, understanding everything, experiencing everything and surviving everything! Initiation by Elisabeth Haich. Just take it easy. However, this is a fascinating glimpse into a person’s reflection on their life and reincarnation. Then Grete comes in, all happy and excited too, because I can read. Nov 06, Jim Murdoch rated it elisabbeth was amazing.

A tutor came to our home and tried to stuff all kinds of things into my head In the book, the author describes that in one of her previous births, she was a princess in Egypt and successfully she climbed all the seven spiritual steps to be initiated under the guidance of spiritual master High Priest Ptahhotep. The only difference is that not every living creature knows perfectly its own self and consequently is not able to manifest all characteristics of the self.

Whenever she wanted to, we immediately began to ask her, ‘Aunt Adi, what happened next The other girls in school were as amazed at me as I was at them. The little gypsy boy earned money too. Children, come here quickly.

For throughout all recorded time there have been outstanding people on earth who spoke out with unshakable assurance about the secret of life and even witnessed their conviction with their life—initiates as they have been called.


It is a homecoming, a ride throughout time, a journey with no end. To be initiated means to acknowledge the negative forces associated with our physical forms, and to use those forces and rise up against those resistances and build a positive conscience.

And once again the end of the story would be, ‘wait until you’re grown up’. Later they told all my relatives about my remarks and observations, and then they all laughed at me. I expected to be happy now that elisabbeth wish was fulfilled, but strangely enough I could not.

Elisabeth Haich – Wikipedia

It suddenly struck me that my grandmother earned a lot of money by giving concerts, and I wondered whether I too could earn some money. Please tell me all about it. Then all the adults began to laugh out loud, and mother said, ‘See how vain this little girl is!

But I did not dare deliver it.

Initiation by Elisabeth Haich

The next morning my maternal grandmother came in, helped me to get dressed, and we both went into my haicg bedroom. It’s supposed to be much, much more beautiful, more surprising and more uplifting. What my brother had seen remained an open question for me, one I pondered long and often.