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Title, El último elfo. Author, Silvana De Mari. Publisher, Carvajal Education, ISBN, , Length, pages. Subjects. The Last Dragon is a children’s fantasy novel by Silvana De Mari, first published in Italy in under the title L’ultimo elfo. Set in a post-apocalyptic world. Silvana De Mari was born in in Caserta, Italy. She is a writer, psychotherapist, and doctor. L’ultimo Elfo (The Last Elf, also published as The Last Dragon) was her third children’s book and the first to be translated into English. It has also.

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I would say that the way the author makes the chara In the book The Last Dragon by Silvana De Mari it caught my eye by the survival and trials that the characters have to go through to get their summer back.

El último elfo

It is a perfect book that teaches children to see the real wealth and values of human life love, family, friendship, etc. Generally it has the feeling of a beautiful fantasy fairytale yet there are no moments it is too violent or complicated for children or too childish and shallow for adults.

My favorite female character of all time! I loved this book — to death. Apr 15, Sniedze rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am not a huge fantasy fan, but I love, love, loved this one.

I really enjoy it when I read it. Again, these gripes are probably just me wanting to know more in the face of sacrificing the plot elsewhere, so it’s probably best to just ignore my comments and read it for yourself.


Now it is up to the last elf to give that understanding back to humanity. Trivia About The Last Dragon. Nel complesso un buon libro, un buon fantasy e una bella storia di denuncia sociale.

El último elfo by Silvana de Mari (3 star ratings)

Ma sono certa che, per lo meno, non vi pentirete di averlo letto. In a two-part tale, the reader embarks on a journey of humor, sorrow, and tenderness, within a story of cultures colliding, highlighting a young orphaned elf, the last on earth, named Yorsh, full name Yorshkrunsquarklejolnerstrink.

Not everybody will like this book, but it sincerely changed my life. I guess I am a series fan!

L’ultimo elfo

Uno nato da poco, puntualizzerebbe lui. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Because of the two parts, pinpointing the main conflict was a little hard, but I finally decided that the main conflict is escaping or fulfilling fate, and how to live with past choices and events.

I really liked the elf, the man and woman who save him, their daughter, and the dragon – though there wasn’t enough marri the dragon and the ending was terrible. Erbrow is one dragon that I would have loved to meet. I purposefully started this book knowing absolutely nothing about it.

This page was last edited on 22 Juneat I’m not sure I’ll read it over and over again, but I am glad to have read it. The two different parts, years apart, allowed for some amazing detail work and world building. When you have too much sadness, the magic drowns in it, like people in water. The sequels have not as yet been published in English language editions.

He finds the last dragon and cares for him for years. The wit, charm and messages make the book very enjoyable. Sfidateli i vostri pregiudizi nei confronti di alcuni generi e di alcuni romanzi: It’s mar Read this with my step-daughter age 7. But NO, the dragon had to die.


Views Read Edit View history. The dialogue’s witty and the lore is simple but interesting. I won’t spoil it, but I didn’t see it coming and it really tore my heart to pieces. Some connections I could make to the world we live in today are that every once in a while we get cold and it rains but its not an ever ending rain like it is in the book.

Silvana De Mari, born in in Caserta, Italyis a writer, psychotherapist, and doctor. The two of them soon find themselves in trouble and are rescued by a hunter.

Sometimes it gets really slow and boring, but other times it is really good. The dialogue between characters is practically perfect. He meets a few humans who decide to help him, and later meets the last dragon of a peculiar prophecy They find him in a cave filled with books — the accumulation of the world’s Translated from the Italian — prose is beautifully done, would love to be able to read the original Italian.

I have put them in spoiler sections, but there are a lot of spoiler sections. This book was not that good.