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Hi, Just to let you know that tried yesterday to send the audio output from my pc streaming Deezer to an Egreat-M34A wiht last firmware that. Ok, so I have the eGreat NMT M34A already and i decided to give you guys a long When booted it up, it had October firmware installed. EG-M34A Egreat Media Tank HD Media Player – Accepts USB Drives, RCA,HDMI ,RJ45 Support recover from firmware update failure with fail safe kernel.

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If you are running Jaggy’s index file could you rename it. Yes, no problem playing video. Google can help you out later on, it is not something you need to decide to do today.

Likewise the DVD drive. TrampleDownMay 17, I tried also a dual audio file with OGM audio and internal subs, no problems. Jul 15, at Nov 20, Messages: I had alot of stuff i wanted to try, so manuall started: When I stuck it in the the little port for it, it wouldn’t update.

Hopefully the other NMT players will follow. It was actually capable of playing anything I threw at it and played it well, including streaming from my Sheevaplug Plug Computer via Samba share I never did work out how to get NFS working.


Egreat M34A – A long, informative, text + video review !

gereat You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Nov 22, Messages: Any mm34a on this out there?? Thanks Martin I have now converted egreat to PCH with latest sgreat as I was convinced that was where my problem lay even though it was not!

Then i tested Matrix Reloaded I just got this M34A player, and apart from its slow start-up takes some time to index files I quite like it. Register and you’ll have comment access straight away. Once you’ve made one comment and I have approved it, you’ll be free to comment thereafter and comments will be posted immediately. NeilFMay 18, The sound is barely there, and the subtitles won’t go away, but it works.

Hi, i was wondering about subtitle. I’m so happy for the DTS downmix.

Sep 6, Messages: I think it should say A1. Are you sure you really want ot do this? Oct 14, Messages: Go to Setup — Maintenance and select check for firmware update. Now, words sometimes arent enough, so, I decided to record it for you, here is a 2 part 20minute demonstration, in HD: Navigate to the USB stick on the menu.

When booted it up, it had October firmware installed. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. March 1, at 7: If you place other media in the mvpmc folder can you play them from the NMT? When you change the audio on any file, it takes about 2 seconds. But, I dont really care.


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From the screen shot I can see you have no HD, does it matter? Hi, I managed to do it. It was great seeing the Popcorn Hour logo show up. Nov 12, at But sometimes there is a film that i need to add Indonesian subtitle for my father don’t understand english at all. June 14, at Maybe someone could figure out how to mereg the PCH firmware and the egreat specific code. I think they had to use another version and change a file name.

I also have a DVD drive.

Testing on obsolete Egreat-M34A – Forum English (EN) – Stream What You Hear – Forum

Hi, Do you know of anyone who used it with egreat 32B? I just received our eGreat eg-m34a in the mail yesterday Wednesday.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The time now is You only need to copy these three files to the USB stick. NMTand I should be able to provide some more information. Say ones about Kb big?