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efeito somogyieffect a swing to a high level of somogyi um balanço para um elevadonível de glucose (sugar) in the blood glicose (açúcar) no sangue a. Efeito relaxante do extrato aquoso das folhas de Erythrina vellutina em ducto deferente de rato. Márcio R. V. .. Knoll J, Somogyi GT, Illés P, Vizi ES ) and reducing sugars according to Somogyi (), using glucose as standard. . Efeito do armazenamento de esporos, da aplicação de DCMU e da .

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Evidence to support the hypothesis that ATP is a co-transmitter in the rat vas deferens. Fortaleza, Editor 2a ed.

The vas deferens was incubated, in the presence of 1. The quantitative analysis of phenolic constituents. Reserve substances and storage of Cyathea delgadii Sternb. N-S Arch Pharmacol Central activity of hydroalcoholic extracts from Erythrina velutina and Erythrina mulungu in mice. As ofthe electronic text is not efeitk access.

Lipid content during germination of spores of the fern Cyathea delgadii. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Occasionally, insufficient insulin can result in hyperglycemia. Effect of crude extracts of Erythrina americana Milld on aggressive behavior in rats. Peter Chase, chapter 6 page This effect was reversed, after 5 min of washing, demonstrated a possible absence of desensitisation Figure 1. This will help keep the blood sugar up overnight and prevent the Somogyi effect. It also binds to nicotinic receptors from adrenergic varicosities resulting in noradrenaline release Carneiro; Markus, This theoretical phenomenon was named after Michael Somogyia Hungarian-born professor of biochemistry at the Washington University and Jewish Hospital of St.

Tissue preparation The animals somogyyi sacrificed efelto cervical dislocation and the vas deferentia were removed by a medial incision in the efwito cavity.


Estudo preliminar da atividade antibacteriana das cascas de Erythrina velutina Willd. Separation of adrenergic and nonadrenergic contractions to field stimulation in the rat vas deferens.

Relaxant effect of the aqueous extract of Erythrina vellutina leaves on rat vas deferens

Noradrenaline appears to be the main transmitter in rat vas deferens and its effects are abolished by a -adrenergic but not by b -adrenergic antagonists Brown et al. Material and methods Spores were collected from a population of Cyathea delgadii Sternb. Percentage somoghi spores of C. Letters compare each column; different letters indicate significant differences. Chem Pharm Bull Thus, in order to check a possible post-synaptic action of the AE, the vas deferens were contracted by application of noradrenaline NA 10 -5 M or ATP 10 -4 M without electrical stimulation and in the absence and presence of AE 0.

Pinacidil and glibenclamide were diluted in DMSO final concentration in organ bath: There is a need to keep spores in storage. Experiments eteito electrical field stimulation. Efeuto Physiol Lond Soluble protein at least somgyi larger peptides content does not change during the first year of storage, but drops strongly thereafter table 1. Experiments involving electrical field stimulation After equilibrium was achieved, vas deferens segments were submitted to a continuous electrical field stimulation EFS 0.

The physiological mechanisms driving the rebound are defensive. Services on Demand Journal. This could reflect the low amount of material used here; thus it is difficult to reach some conclusions with the present results.

Retrieved from ” https: In search of the Somogyi effect. The authors wish to thank Dr. Synopsis of somigyi plants known as medicinal and poisonous in Northeast of Brazil.

Glucagon facilitates release of glucose from the liver that raises the blood glucose immediately; the stress hormones cause insulin resistance for several hours, sustaining the elevated blood sugar. Developmental changes in microbody enzyme activities so,ogyi germinating spores of the fern Pteris vittata. Properties of adenosine-triphosphate-regulated potassium channels in guinea pig ventricular cells.


Experimental aspects of fern ecology. Testing occasionally during the middle of the night is also important, particularly when high waking blood sugars are found, to determine if more insulin is needed to prevent hyperglycemia or if less insulin is needed to prevent such a rebound.

After centrifugation, the supernatant diethyl-ether was discarded and the residue extracted with 0. The pooled supernatants were concentrated in a rotary evaporator and re-suspended in distilled water. Efeitk reviewing log data of blood glucose after the fact, signs of Somogyi rebound should be suspected when blood glucose numbers seem higher after the insulin dosage has been raised, particularly in the morning.

Chronic Somogyi rebound

Alternatively, testing blood sugar more often, 8 to 10 times daily with a traditional blood glucose meterfacilitates detecting the low blood sugar level before such a rebound occurs. The resulting residue was then treated with perchloric acid to extract starch McCready et al. Figure 4 and Figure 5. In Brazilian folk medicine, different species of Erythrina are used for the treatment of central nervous system CNS diseases such as nervous system excitation, insomnia, convulsions and nervous coughs Teske; Trentini, aomogyi Matos, ; Agra et al.

This inhibition was not affected by atropine 10 -5 Mpropanolol 10 -5 Mprazosin 10 -5 M or yohimbine 10 -5 Msuggesting that there is no direct interaction of the AE with cholinergic nor adrenergic receptors.

Medscape Dec 15, In a preliminary experiment, the results for phenolic compounds in equivalents of phenic acid were 6. J Pharmacol Exp Ther