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Eemax EMT6 – EMT6 Mini Tank Water Heater V, 6 Gallon – FEATURES EMT6 must be hardwired Point-of-use heating eliminates long hot water pipe runs. Electric Mini Tank Water Heaters EMT1 – EMT – EMT4 – EMT6 Installation and Operating Instruction Manual Table of Contents Important Safety Instructions. Get Eemax EMT6 Instructions / Assembly. Get all Eemax manuals!.

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If hydrogen gas is present, there will probably be an unusual sound such as air escaping through the faucet as the water begins to flow.

Eemax 6 Gal. Mini Tank Water Heater 120vac EMT6

The water utility supply meter may contain a check valve, backflow preventer or water pressure reducing valve which will create a closed water system. Always unplug the power supply cord when the water is turned off or when servicing or draining the water heater.

Make any temperature adjustment using the section below: Product ExpertMarch 04, This shut down will occur when water temperatures exceed F. As with any appliance, close supervision is necessary when used by children.

Install a shut off valve on the cold water side of the water heater.


No Tepid Water Model Available: Make sure the discharge of this valve is directed to an open drain and protected from freezing. Refill tank with ewmax before turning on the power to the water heater.

EemaX EMT6 Manuals

No Dual Lav Model Available: There should be no smoking or open flame near the faucet at this eemmax. To descale chemically, soak the heating element in white vinegar or other descaling solution and then rinse well with fresh water.

All shipments of parts from the Manufacturer to the Owner to replace defective components shall be made via normal ground transportation. Eemx water to flow until water is no longer hot.

Have a licensed ee,ax replace the power cord. The element can be descaled chemically or manually. Stiebel Eltron Mini 1.

If no receptacle is available adjacent to the water heater, contact a qualified electrician to have one properly installed.

Adhere to all pertinent State and local codes. Is this review helpful? Connect only to properly grounded outlet. AnonymousSCMarch 06, Now remove front panel. EMT models are designed to supply hot water for all hand wash and kitchen sinks in a residential, commercial or industrial environment. During the heating cycle of the water heater, the heated water expands causing pressure inside the water heater to increase. EMT models are designed to supply hot water for all hand wash and kitchen sinks in a residential, commercial or industrial environment.


The water heater is equipped with an adjustable thermostat that once set will automatically control water temperature. When continuous water flows out of the faucet, the tank is filled. Unplug the water heater. To be sure that all air is out of the water system, open the hot water faucets on your fixtures until constant water flows from them. What is the recovery time to reheat the water if the tank is depleted?

Tankless Water Heater Solutions for You | Eemax

Open a hot water faucet to let hot water run out. This water heater must be grounded. If air remains in the tank, the element will be damaged when the electric cord is plugged in.

If possible siphon out remaining water. Pre-heated or Cold water Inlet Aerator Supplied: Rollover image to zoom in Click image to enlarge. Power is automatically turned off to the heating element.