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12AU7 Amperex / Philips / Philips Miniwatt Holland PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 – PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 – MATCHED PAIR – PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 (labelled IEC) lively midrange. ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Mullard Blackburn. Made in England, Gf2 B0B3 codes, ECC82_12AU7_Philips. Ribbed plates, ring getter halo, one side hole.

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The rare types equal the best Europeans, while the Raytheon and Tung Sol s smoothness are in a class by themselves. Currently, the USA made tubes are a nice surprise with their low prices as compared to the European types.

Amazing both because it sounds so incredibly good, and amazing how rare it is today. These have the sweetness and dynamic punch typical of Mazda. This tube was designed originally for two-way mobile radio use.

Worth seeking out as these may be the first out-of-production classic European tube to go totally extinct over the next dozen years or so. Fine s to early s vintage blackplate tubes at a nice price. Order tubes or merchandise using your credit card! Rather, it is an indication of a genuine vintage tube, and all of these are excellent quality.

We try to keep a few of each type in stock, but it is not easy. I was about to sell the TD-1 because it made my bass sound kind of boomy too much low bass. The heater life is rated at 10, hours, and some have gold pins. That makes this a good deal! Doesnt take away or add anything to my E83CC V1. These “cleartops” are currently the hottest selling 12AU7, and are still a great buy at current prices. Simply an amazing tube. GE made this in their 5-star line for broadcast.


Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see every brand we have. These have the distinctive four blade top windmill getter only made by Raytheon for a short time, and now in super high demand.

Older versions have a third mica spacer near the top. It only has 12 hours or so of break-in so far – but your description was absolutely spot-on. These are Tung Sol factory marked and datedlabeled for National. WA s French military tubes. Return to the Main tube page. These are rare matched pairs, with transconductance tightly controlled internally and from tube to tube. One of the best and most sought-after European ECC82s ever made.

Another rarity is the Amperex Bugle Boy with thhe treble clef sign next to it on the glass. Mullard Pair 2x 12at7 Ecc81 Tubes. The larger box plate structure gives this tube philis microphonics and silky smooth sonics. Some made by Tungsol for other labels. These are both labeled with the military designations. Excellent, vintage long lived 12AU7 types with the distinct European vintage flavor that a modern tube just cannot capture!

Tung Sol made an early “blackglass” version in the late s, which hides the inside of the tube from view, and is very rare; later Tung Sol 12AU7 tubes look like early RCA phiilips inside.

Tube Classics – Philips Audio Tubes

You can spend more on high end speaker cables, and you will not philis the sonic improvement these tubes offer! These are like the WAH s French military tubes in performance. Watch for the very rare long plate versions from the s available in most European brands. It was used in so many different types of equipment that the vintage versions of this tube are still available without too much searching.

These are usually found philipx Mullard or Brimar versions, but I have seen Siemens as well, and some made by Amperex. WAH s French military tubes. Most have the Bugle Boy logo, and to date codes, all with the Heerlen, Holland factory code.


Here is the list of what is available in the 12AU7 family: It is a long page, use your scroll button and scroll down the page to see it all. I have philpis dozens of pairs of these, and clients agree this tube is an incredible bargain among NOS tubes.

Anonymous July 1, at 4: Some made for various brands of amps and have various labels, but the same tube as the Exc82 branded. These are the very rare D-getter late s date coded originals from Holland. We’re never doing anything intentionally and will always work out any situation. Sound very very good. All this with only around 12 hours on the tubes.

This is the original s RCA black plate that will never be duplicated. Very few dealers ever have the of either type in stock, well worth seeking out and worth the higher price. ecd82

Philips 12AU7/ ECC82 Vintage Tube

The mids and upper frequencies are smooth with a silky top end. Ultra low noise thanks to the large box plates, matched triode sections. Once you hear them you will never go back to any other 12AU7, better get some now! Watch a brief video here on available tube balance and matching services for dual triode tubes like the 12AU7 on the Tektronix curve tracer! It has a rugged cathode and should be long lived, similar to the Tubes arrived just as you said they would.