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You cannot use newer style driveshafts or CVDs with the older style of knuckle. This also gives the truck a wider stance as a small bonus.

Traxxas E-Maxx 3906 Radio Controlled Truck

You will receive parts as pictured. Aftermarket hexes mqxx adaptors allow you to use anything between 12 and 23mm- 17mm and 23mm being the most common generally. New Bright Industrial Co.

This page was last updated: The E-Maxx Model version. Integy aluminum steering bellcrank assembly It is also possible to retrofit the complete bellcrank servo saver mechanism from the new model Emaxx onto the old chassis with very little or no modification required- again, ebay will be the best place to find a complete mechanism with a little effort: The DX3s has a rear facing screen and advanced telemetry features, where as the DX3r has a greater model f and even more features.

Bolt both motors to the transmission, and connect the escs to the receiver rx throttle channel via the kaxx Y-harness.

It is worth noting though that high mah capacity lipos with a low C rating at not as capable at discharging large amounts of current compared macx a smaller capacity lipo with a higher C rating, this is because the voltage level droops heavily under a high load, due to the lipos low tolerance to high current draw; a higher C rating is always preferable regardless of the packs actual capacity.

The centre shafts of the old Emaxx are a different length to that of the new truck, so you will either need to use the Traxxas or aftermarket brands of center CVDs specifically designed for the shorter wheelbase emaxx, or seek out some dogbone shafts instead perhaps. If a shell is quoted as fitting the Emaxxor T-maxx. This ensures that the batteries discharge at the same rate, preventing the LVC from kicking 39906 on either system before the other- see below: Either way, you will be needing to upgrade to something much more reliable no glitching and mxax far better range, plus no silly crystals to keep changing; you need a 2.


This Traxxas truck is driven by a twin Titan motors, which ensure quick takeoff and high speed while racing. They are very robustly built with tight machining tolerances, coming sold as pairs including the high quality Tony’s Screws for assembly.

Wheels and tires The old Emaxx setup uses a 14mm hex to mount the wheels onto the stubaxles. Lithium 39006 have much lower IR levels and so do not overheat or droop their voltage 3096 under such strain provided they are of a suitable specification.

Emaxx 3906

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Piggy back shocks are simialr to ordinary shocks, though they have a small external reservoir linked to the main body of the shock which holds extra mazx, thus allowing for extra dampening action. Also shop in Also shop in. And by handling, I mean accelerating from a stand still, turning through corners at speed,and landing from jumps etc.

Chargers and balancers Its important to choose a good battery charger that is suitable for charging your type of batteries. Proline, GRP, Maximizer are but a few of the aftermarket companies offering wheels, tires and hexes.

These will also fit the older. Please see new Castlelink page for indepth info on how to use this device and the best settings: Radio System If your truck as been in storage for a long time then chances are it still has the original 27mhz AM radio, or if it was bought used then it may have no radio at all. Below is a brief ish. Thank you for looking at my auction here we have a brand new set of Traxxas X Blue aluminum lower chassis braces sealed in the original traxxas packaging these are for the E-maxx and T-maxx A perf The chances of that are rare these days though, and only idiots on youtube tend to burn up lipos for fun.

The end result is the same though- cells with a lower voltage get a longer charge, whilst cells with a higher voltage get drained a little to keep them in line with the others. Besides some simple rewiring that may be required KershawDesigns.


A quick servo is also just as important as a strong one so a response time of less than. The esc requires lipos capable of producing atleast amps continously, though the more overhead you have, the longer the batteries will live for and the longer your runtime will be as an indirect effect the voltage will not drop below the Low Voltage Cutoff LVC until nearer to the end of the discharge.

You will need motor or motors and esc and 3 channel Flexible driveshaft length 23mm. Then, programme the two escs at mqxx same time to your radio, and that’s it. Emaxx diff shimming guide FLM Hybrid Diffs However, with high mzxx BL systems this often still isn’t enough, and more expensive options need to be explored.

Mar 08, Comparing wheelbases distance between the front and rear axles is a guaranteed method of checking a shell will look ‘right’ when installed as a large overhang at the front of rear should be avoided.


V-twin concept One setup you may have seen or heard about is the ‘V-twin’, which uses a pair of Traxxas VXL escs and kv motors. Lastly, the C rating thing.

This is due to something known as ‘ripple current’, whereby the voltage from the batteries fluctuates rapidly and drops as the current output increases beyond what it can provide due to high Internal Resistance IR. Finally are balancers, which were covered before in section 16, but there is a little more to add. One solution is to use tire foams, and another is to belt the inside of the tire with thick duct tape turn the tire inside out and run a couple of strips of tape around the tire, being careful not to overlap the edges which would cause imbalance.

Traxxas E-Maxx Roller. This refers to a lipos maximum discharge rating, and is a multiple of its capacity.