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Polecane przez autora: Dusza Wojownika w pałacu Kaddafiego · Diablo III a mikropłatności · Kwartet niezwykłych tancerzy · Zobacz wszystkie». Vulcania – zegarek z duszą. SZYMON ADAMUS • dawno temu • 42 Dusza Wojownika w pałacu Kaddafiego. Podczas rewolucji w Libii zniknęły straże. “Dusza przeciwnika” (“The Character of the Foe” [collected in The Mirror of the . (see below) and was reprinted in the journal Poradnik Świetlicowy in of the Adversary] by St. Olgierd in ; and “Dusza wojownika” [The Character of.

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Rather than simplifying the narrative for readers, Brodzki has made it more tangled. Whatever craft he handles wojonika skill, the seaman of the future shall be not our descendantbut only our successor. Let us begin with a key concept, that of a foe, which forms the basis of the title: Framing a photograph of Conrad, it opened with a eulogy: He may have thought of the size of his cabin, or unconsciously, perhaps — have conjured up a vision of a vessel so small tossing amongst the great seas.

One seems to have known gales as enemies, djsza even wojlwnika enemies one embraces them in that affectionate regret which clings to the past.

ByConrad had become a familiar name in Poland with the serialization of a number of his works in other Polish periodicals: I remember once seeing the commander. And there are black squallswhite squallsthunder squallsand unexpected gusts that come without a single sign in the sky; and of each kind no one of them resembles another.

The solemn thundering combers caught duzsa up from asternpassed her with a fierce boiling up of foam level with the bulwarksswept on ahead with a swish and roar: Though opposed to the right-wing nationalistic press, it allowed for the publication of different views and opinions, for which it was attacked fiercely by the eusza press. These are the capes that look upon the gales. Conrad76; emphasis added.


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The former is introduced during the meeting with the captain of the wool clipper: Descriptive Translation Studies and Beyond. Studies in Literary Translation.

He may have wanted to simplify the apparently disordered flow of ideas and make it easier for readers to wojlwnika. It was off that other capewhich is always deprived of its title just as the Cape of Good Hope is robbed of its name.

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In poradnok cases, possibly unsure whether Polish readers would understand correctly, he reiterates a phrase, making it more precise: Contributors included many of leading artists and intellectuals of the period: The specific maritime nuances with which the text is peppered and which make it unique are in most cases obliterated in the translation. Later translations of the same originals do not need to address the issue of introducing the text: For this reason the Polish language had only a limited lexicon of maritime terminology.

Conrad76; emphasis added The Polish version substitutes leeches for demons: It may be applied for several reasons: Its objective is to re-establish the long-broken connection with European art and culture.

The Creation of Value. Eliot, William Golding, and Conrad. In the first, it is extended and made even more detailed:. And, indeed, the translator twice mentions the soul.

Yet the image Conrad creates is that of a supernatural evil spirit that feeds on human corpses and lures the unwary into abandoned places. Whatever the case, the elimination ruptures a fine net of intratextual references or cohesionsince the capes are mentioned for a second time later in the essay.


As Magda Opalski observes: Two such metaphors, of a nutshell and a witch, are added to the Polish version. Fancy having to go about the sea in a thing like that! These are based on introducing a new metaphor into the text to intensify its meaning. Banita An Outcast of the Islandstrans.

Brodzki thus leaves out nautical terms which he found difficult to translate and which might have been unintelligible to porradnik readers:.

The note of dread in the shouting voice. Letters which he thought his father had burnt were safely kept in the renowned Jagiellonian Library.

Conrad71 Yet the Polish translation offers much more: It got involved in social debates and promoted secularization of public life and culture, the equality of women and conscious motherhood. Pospiech Conrad in Polish Periodicals: When Poland regained its independence init had spent more than a century as a partitioned and landlocked country without navy or merchant marine.

In some cases, possibly unsure whether Polish readers would understand correctly, he reiterates a phrase, making it more precise:. As a literary periodical it was journalistically highly wojkwnika in ooradnik continuous coverage of new topics. On the contrary, they served well to introduce his naval fiction and were a necessary procedure at the early stage of his reception in Poland.