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0, Wanted: Rules and Reference sheet. by D HELLCustom Wed Apr 6, am. 0. Wed Apr 6, am. by D HELLCustom. 0, Reference sheet. Dungeonquest Catacombs (Based on a BRIA AB expansion) allows players to explore the tunnels and catacombs below the dungeon within Dragonfire. The catacombs are only accessible from the lowest floor. or adjacent rooms, depending on your game rules), they can choose to trade items.

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If you get a flee result for the Death Warrior or the Champion of Chaos, they don’t actually run away – you manage to sneak past them, and don’t have to fight.

Four minds reflect on the villagers’ tales, and four hands tighten their grip on four weapons: Each Treasure rues has a number followed by the letters ‘GP’ – dungfonquest is the value of the treasure in Gold Pieces. Here we have a complete Dungeonquest Catacombs expansion set. You then take a card from the top of the Room deck to see if there is a trap or monster there. Dungeonquest has been carefully balanced, so that each character has roughly the same chance of succeeding and surviving.

Matt’s Dungeonquest Rulings

Unless you’re fighting a Champion of Chaos that is. A game of Dungeonquest lasts for a maximum of 26 rounds. We’re all friends here. You might even extend this over a longer period, or keep a ‘league table’ – divide a player’s treasure total by the number of games played, and you will have a number which reflects how good a player he or she is. Do not draw a Room card, but if it is a Special tile the rules for the tile still apply.


On your next turn you can either leave the Treasure Catacomvs by any exit, or you can stay there drawing two more Treasure counters and another Dragon counter.

You may keep this card if you wish, faceup beside your character sheet. Dungeonquest as published by Games Workshop. Sometimes you will be told to subtract a characteristic from a dice roll.


cxtacombs If the only exit ends up facing the edge of the board or a solid wall on another tile you are trapped in a dead end, and have lost the game. Roll the dice shown on the card and lose that many LPs, after which your turn is over. Take a Room card as normal cataccombs, if it is a Monster, you may not choose to escape. Furthermore, players have next to no control over where they end up, so there is very little incentive for going down there in the first place.

Play is centered on the game board.

Dungeonquest – Wikipedia

The main problem for the players is the limited number of game turns, 26 from sunrise to sunset. Each tile represents a space and may be one of several different configurations. You may immediately move to any adjacent square not diagonally just as if you had moved through an exit. Of course if you fire your first arrow before the Monster card is drawn and the monster then flees, your arrow is wasted.

Sometimes, no characters will survive. In my experience, the dungeon is just a bit too lethal. We will do our level b The other characteristics stay the same throughout the game – we’ll explain how they are used later on. Rather than making the dungeon 2-dimensional, it should be three-dimensional. You can carry on doing this each turn until you decide to leave the Treasure Chamber or you wake the Dragon.


The reference sheet has instructions on how to use all the cards and tiles in the game. For example, DArmour means roll a twelve-sided dice and subtract your character’s Armour score.

Dungeonquest catacombs rules pdf

The effect is the same though: A visit to the Treasure Chamber takes fine judgement and steady nerves. The computer game should be rlues close as possible to the board game, i. Take a Room card as normal but, next turn you may only leave through an exit on the same side as the way you came in by. As soon as you draw this card, all the Corridor tiles in the dungeon will rotate. Languages Deutsch Svenska Edit links.


If the destination rulds already contains a Room tile there must be an entrance lining up with the exit, see example 1. The address for all your questions and comments is:.

You repeat this process, choosing new Combat counters when you want, until one combatant is dead.

In a pretty sorry state. If not, roll the D6 again and lose that many LPs. The properties of the Magical Rings are explained on the reference sheet.

Heroes for Dungeonquest is a little better, adding 8 new and 4 not so new characters to the 4 from the basic game.