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2 Qualifying criteria Introduction Qualifying criteria Our logo is a registered trademark. Any organisation that wishes to refer to Drinkaware, or the Drinkaware . Drinkaware logo vector. Download free Drinkaware vector logo and icons in AI, EPS, CDR, SVG, PNG formats. drinkaware-logo. Testimonials.. Dec Mr Price – Mazda Owner. As always, the work was carried out in a professional and friendly.

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All of these pieces must be drinkaward when using the More information. Producers of alcoholic drinks should also see page16 for information about product labelling.

For asset assistance, please see the contacts below. Symantec Identity Guidelines Contents The Symantec Identity Guidelines explain how to consistently and effectively apply the most visual elements of the Symantec brand.

Full Colour Logo c. Logo hints and tips Please don t Distort the logo Change the typeface Blur or apply any effects to the logo Place on heavily patterned backgrounds or faces Tilt or rotate. Black, Reversed, Single Colour and More information. Overview Million Hearts is a national initiative that was launched by the Department of Health and Human Services HHS to prevent one million heart attacks and strokes by Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme design standards.


Congratulations on becoming a Big Lottery Fund grant recipient Congratulations on becoming a Big Lottery Fund grant recipient One of the Big Lottery Fund conditions of your grant agreement is that you acknowledge your award publicly. One of the requirements in your grant contract is that you publicly acknowledge your funding from the Big Lottery. The n height of the Drinkaware logo should be comparable to the n height of your logo.


It is not our logo. Please There are three versions of the Drinkaware logo serving different purposes. You can redirect underage web visitors to drinkaware.

Black, Reversed, Single Colour and. See the difference Drink Free Days could make to you Tips, info and advice to get started. October 4, Brand Guidelines October 4, 2 Welcome!

Drink Aware Logo

Brand Style Guide v. However, not all web-viewing devices share the same resolution. If you drink no more than 6 pints a week you will be at low risk of alcohol effecting your health. Marketing and Advertising Guidelines for Developers. Worried drinkawae someone else’s drinking.

This includes information about logo, colors, formats. To download the Joomla!

Promotions that encourage consumption above the HSE low-risk guidelines for alcohol consumption Imagery or materials that promote the desirability or acceptability of drunkenness Lobbying materials to change alcohol policy Drinkaware expects its licence holders to use the logo in compliance with the law and voluntary codes.


These standards More information. All labels and materials used with the logo shall incorporate a legible licensing notice and statement of non-endorsement, as follows: The Cumberland logo s proportions should never be altered.

Drinkaware Logo Vector

Tell your customers about your commitment to achieving and maintaining excellence. Equivalent 6 ice creams. Policies and Procedures Information in this document, including URL and other Internet Web site references, is subject to change ddrinkaware. Please do Use the right logo Make the logo stand out Make it big Link it to our website Use it everywhere think print, broadcast, online, experiential.

We can help you or someone you know make better choices about ddrinkaware.

For smart phones, devices can vary significantly and should be checked accordingly. There are a number of ways to use the Trapeze Networks logo. The exclusion zone must be observed see page 7.