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This books (Dreamland [FREE]) Made by Sarah Dessen About Books Young Adult. To Download Please Click. : Dreamland (): Sarah Dessen: Books. Don’t have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Editorial Reviews. Review. Strange, sleepy Rogerson, with his long brown dreads Dreamland by [Dessen, Sarah]. Audible Sample .. Download.

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And I loved how you had Caitlin slowly coming into her own and realizing that maybe her sister was not as perfect as she always thought.

This book started slow for me, but I definitely got more into it as the story went on. Then she meets Rogerson. This in itself, is a major theme in the novel, one that great affects many teenagers today. It made me think about how hard it is to walk away from something you are so bound up with emotionally She does a lot of Easter Eggs characters and places reappear a lot.

In fact, Dessen made these two characters- well, all the characters- all so complex and developed that I fear I may not ever have the right words to describe them. Like any sane person would.

It’s a horrific story-one of those that you can olny read through splayed hands and eyes half-squinted. It is an important one though and I think many teenagers would be good candidates for this novel- even adults and parents of teenagers.

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I was drawn to Caitlin all throughout the book. I thought at first that things moved a bit slow, but once you get to the meat of the story, you won’t be able to put this down at all. Unfortunately, he does not transport Caitlin to a “dreamland” that Sinatre might sing about. But I was wrong – how utterly wrong I was.

Caitlin has always used her sister as a bit of an excuse not to excel or be special, knowing she could not measure up, and, without Cass around, Caitlin doesn’t have any clue who to be. I would have loved to know more about Caitlin taking the first steps to heal herself both mentally and emotionally, and how she rebuilt her relationships with the people closest to her, instead of a few lines scribbled in the last few chapters.


She’s one of those prominent YA authors, and I’ve heard good things about her books Along for the Ride. Cassandra’s life is a mess and her deciding that her parents put all their hopes into her to have her run off with some dude did not endear her to me at all.

The typical “no one loves you like I do” or “you deserved it; I didn’t want to hit you, you made me. But this is one world that is filled with a vast emptiness that extends for miles and miles. Ne impedit consequat elaboraret eam, sple. I am sick of Sarah Dessen and her so-called “incredible” writing. He had taken almost everything. Do whatever he was doing to Caitlin back unto him.

In this case, however, the older sister isn’t dead, merely gone, run away to who knows where. After most of the book was so brilliantly written, the ending seemed rushed, which was a letdown so I deducted a star.

The characters were well developed and likeable. Caitlin is sort of drifting the whole time — into one thing or another.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Things would have been very different if I had descsrgar that. The Lying Game 6: Caitlyn also struggles in her social circles at school, joining the cheerleading team which she’s reluctant to do, but finds herself in the mix of things anyway and becoming a fixation of her mother’s in the absence of Cass. He’s charming, funny, mysterious and magnetic, and he swrah off a dangerous aura.

Her sister has just ran away from home, and her boyfriend Rogerson has taken a liking to beating her. This book is so raw.


From the heady rush of first love, Caitlin was brutally transported into literal hell. I liked the story but was annoyed with her for staying with him even though she feared him and was always getting beat up. Caitlin feels like she needs to step in for her family but it actually Dreamland was an okay kind of book. Things I Can’t Forget. I was not dissapointed. I myself felt like I was dreaming as I was reading – everything seemed so surreal and impossible.

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen | : Books

I even had a bit of a crush on bad boy Rogerson at the beginn This is the first Dessen book that actually really enjoyed. Why didn’t she still leave sarsh when she could? A lot is left to the imagination. Caitlin is use to living in her older sisters shadow, but her family is stunned to find that her sister has run off with her boyfriend.

I really don’t descartar a concept like domestic violence can be accurately captured in YA fiction. This book just tells the story that so many girls and women must face these days. However, we never find out why her boyfriend was abusing her, leaving him to be a one-dimensional ‘bad boy’ and the circumstances around their relationship remained shallow. Things seem to be ok at first, but you see hints of things that just don’t seem right But when Cass runs away, their whole family is distraught.

Dreamland was my first Sarah Dessen book, and for some reason I’d always thought she wrote light-hearted, fun, romantic contemporaries meant for a warm, breezy summer day. Rather than helping her become her own person, Rogerson lets her live for him instead; Caitlin remains a shell of a person.